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Prime Minister Attends High-Level Event on Early Warning Systems.

jacobscroes21092023PHILIPSBURG:--- The Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs Silveria Jacobs, representing the Kingdom of the Netherlands, attended a high-level side event yesterday on the critical importance of early warning systems. The event was hosted the Permanent Mission of the Independent State of Samoa to the United Nations as a discussion on how to mitigate the impact of climate change-related disasters.
The gathering emphasized the significance of early warnings in saving lives and livelihoods in the face of extreme weather events and climate change. It was noted that early warning systems can significantly reduce damage, with an investment of just $800 million in developing countries potentially averting losses of $3-16 billion annually. Countries with substantial early warning coverage experience lower disaster mortality rates compared to those with limited coverage. However, it was highlighted that only half of the countries worldwide report having the capacity to alert their citizens about impending hazardous weather conditions. Small Island Developing States are faced with limited coverage, with only one-third reporting the existence of Multi-Hazard Early Warnings.
The event's agenda included opening remarks from notable figures in the field of climate change and disaster risk reduction, including Hon. Mr. Schuster, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment from Samoa, Prof. Petteri Taalas, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization, Ms. Mami Mizutori, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction, and Mr. Jagan Chapagain, Secretary-General of the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies.
The high-level scene-setter featured Prime Minister H.E. Ms. Evelyn Wever-Croes of Aruba, representing the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Prime Minister H.E. Ms. Silveria Jacobs of Sint Maarten, Minister H.E. Ms. Khadeeja Naseem of the Republic of Maldives, Under-Secretary H.E. Mr. Pasi Hellmann of Finland, and Ms. Macia Wong, Deputy Assistant to the Administrator of USAID.
Discussions during the event covered topics such as innovative finance, systematic observations financing, and the role of non-state actors in empowering communities to respond effectively to early warnings.
“Sint Maarten faces severe vulnerabilities due to climate change and natural disasters, which have taken a toll on both its communities and economy. The island currently lacks a comprehensive early warning system, making it ill-prepared for impending threats. To address this critical issue, the government of St. Maarten has partnered with the European Union through the RESEMBID program to develop a comprehensive Early Warning System, focusing on capacity building and improved warning dissemination. Cross-border collaboration with French St. Martin is also crucial for a robust system. However, the establishment of such systems requires substantial resources that are often beyond the reach of SIDS.” Stated Prime Minister Jacobs during her address at this event.
The Prime Minister went on to say, “This is where the United Nations can play a pivotal role by providing the necessary financial and technological support, empowering vulnerable nations like Sint Maarten to build resilient and life-saving systems. Achieving these early warning systems is not only about disaster prevention but also about safeguarding lives, livelihoods, ecosystems, and contributing to global climate action in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. With UN assistance, Sint Maarten envisions a safer, more resilient future for its communities and environment.”

Civil Servant Email address hacked, email circulating with attachment. (UPDATED)

PHILIPSBURG:--- An email from Reginal Martina's official email address is in circulation with an attachment. The email which looks suspicious has been sent to several persons and has the attention of the Government of St. Maarten.
Erno Labega a senior civil servant and acting head of Facilities confirmed that he was notified of the suspicious email. Labega said that he was busy with the Government IT Department shutting down its email address Martina since the senior civil servant is currently on vacation prior to leaving government services on retirement.
Asked if the Government’s IT system was hacked Labega assured that the government’s IT system was up and running and that the only thing that occurred was the email that was sent at 1:58 pm.

Martina reached out to SMN News and indicated that he did not send out any emails from his government email address to anyone.
“Today is my birthday and my last day in Government as of today I am retiring from Government. I am honorable discharged by the Governor and i am in the Netherlands with my children and grandchildren.”
Martin further stated that after 23 years working in the function of Head Facility Management for Government, it is a shame that nonsense like this will circulate. As of today, the Government officially shut down my government email address. He said that the email was sent to several persons on St. Maarten and he believes it is a malicious attempt by evil forces that wants to smear his name. He made clear that the email sent on Thursday was not sent by his person.

11 individuals rescued at sea near Saint Kitts.

coastguardhelicopter21092023WILLEMSTAD/PHILIPSBURG:--- On September 20 approximately around 8 o'clock, the Police of Saint Kitts contacted the Police of Saint Martin regarding an emergency call. The report concerned a sinking ship with 11 individuals on board, including a baby. Immediately after, the police of Sint Martin contacted the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard for assistance. The Dash flew towards Saint Kitts and found the 11 individuals, who safely arrived on land and were further assisted by the Coast Guard of Saint Kitts.

Press Release Dutch Caribbean Coastguard

2nd Annual Meeting with Women Heads of State and Heads of Governments to Focus on Accelerating SDG5 Implementation.

feministforeignpolicy21092023UN HEADQUARTERS, New York:--- The President of the General Assembly, H.E. Mr. Dennis Francis, and the Executive Director of UN Women, H.E. Sima Sami Bahous, convened the highly anticipated 2nd annual meeting with women Heads of State and Heads of Government during High-Level Week. The Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs, Silveria Jacobs was welcomed, with a member of her delegation, as a current woman Head of Government.
This significant gathering centered its discussions on the critical theme, “Accelerating the implementation of SDG5 towards achieving Peace, Prosperity, Progress, and Sustainability.” Esteemed former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Ms. Helen Clark, served as the moderator, ensuring a productive and engaging dialogue.
During the event, His Excellency Mr. Dennis Francis, President of the 78th session of the General Assembly, delivered the opening remarks, followed by opening remarks from Ms. Sima Sami Bahous, Executive Director of UN Women. Her Excellency Ms. Helen Clark, Former Prime Minister of New Zealand, introduced an interactive segment, where leaders shared insights and actions related to SDG5. This interactive session aimed to foster dynamic exchanges of ideas.
The gathering delved into the actions undertaken by women leaders to effectively lead in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a particular focus on SDG5. Leaders had the opportunity to share valuable practices that can serve as models for other nations. Discussions centered on recommendations and insights from women leaders to empower women and girls as catalysts for change across various decision-making domains, encompassing economic and social policies, peace initiatives, climate action, and more.
The meeting sought input from women leaders regarding the Summit of the Future, aiming to propel gender equality and advance the rights of women and girls. The emphasis here is on departing from conventional approaches to achieve substantial progress and create lasting impact.
Prime Minister Jacobs was able to voice her opinion to the tune of underscoring the pivotal role of SDG 5, dedicated to achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls, as a catalyst for broader societal progress. She emphasized that gender equality is not just a goal but a powerful force driving peace, prosperity, progress, and sustainability. The Prime Minister acknowledged the presence of inherent biases within the 2030 Agenda, particularly racial biases that disproportionately affect marginalized communities. She also stressed the need to actively dismantle these biases and advocate for an intersectional approach within SDG 5. Prime Minister Jacobs concluded by emphasizing that SDG 5 is not just one of seventeen goals but a linchpin holding the entire framework together, stressing the importance of placing gender equality at the forefront of efforts for a just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

“Feminist Foreign Policy+ Group” Event to Highlight Gender Equality's Vital Role.

unfeminist210920232UN HEADQUARTERS, New York:---  The Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs attended an event titled, “Feminist Foreign Policy+ Group,” which took place at the United Nations Headquarters on Wednesday, September 20. The primary objective was to underscore the fundamental importance of gender equality in promoting global safety, health, and prosperity. In response to this imperative, numerous countries are embracing feminist approaches to their foreign policies, aiming to turn their commitments into tangible actions.
The event delved into the practical implementation of Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) as a potent catalyst for positive change, particularly within the context of a complex geopolitical landscape. It served as a dynamic platform for discussing the challenges and opportunities in realizing FFP and sharing commitments among participants.
The anticipated outcomes include the reinvigorating political commitment to Feminist Foreign Policy, facilitated through constructive dialogues between Ministers, civil society representatives, and feminist thought leaders. Furthermore, the event sought to inspire more countries to adopt feminist approaches within their foreign policy frameworks or formally declare explicit Feminist Foreign Policies. Key deliverables will include a declaration reaffirming dedication to feminist principles in foreign policy and a Chair's Summary capturing the commitments announced related to FFP and gender equality.
This event was hosted by a consortium of countries, including Chile, France, Germany, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mongolia, and Spain, on behalf of the FFP+ group in New York. Distinguished attendees include Prime Minister Jacobs as well as other Ministers of Foreign Affairs, high-level UN representatives, and civil society advocates. The agenda comprised informative panels, keynote segments, interactive discussions, and creative elements such as an interactive banner where participants shared their views on feminism.

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