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PJIAE N.V. Announces Tender for Landside Concessions.

tenderpjiae10092023SIMPSON BAY:---  Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company N.V. (PJIAE) today announced the tender for landside concessions. This next phase, which covers the concessions in the Check-in and Arrival area of the terminal, provides local - and international businesses with an opportunity to be part of a comprehensive upgrade to enhance the passenger’s experience. PJIAE, via this tender, extends an invitation to qualified and experienced companies and brands to submit proposals for the operation of various concession spaces on the landside of its state-of-the-art airport terminal. 

Key dates 

The new RFPs for this concession program, which is being publicly tendered, will run from September 19th, 2023, until October 19th, 2023. The RFP documents are available, based on interest, on PJIA’s website Upon receipt of the expression of interest, the requested document will be provided within 48 hours.  

A vision for the future 

As we step into the future, PJIA commits itself to be a beacon of world-class service, a catalyst for economic development, and an inspiration for the whole region. Based on this vision, it has developed an ambitious concession program. The new and state-of-the-art terminal will include modern facilities. There will be 23 concessions on the airside (Departure Hall) and 9 on the landside (Check-in and Arrival Hall) including a wide array of local and international food & beverage concessions, duty-free-shops offering a diverse selection of luxury goods and locally inspired products and services to give an authentic experience of St. Maarten from arrivals until departures. With this new RFP, we aim to expand our current concessions with more options including a healthy store and a coffee 

First shoulder replacement surgery performed at SMMC.

shoulderreplacement19092023CAY HILL:--- Frank Boekhout, a patient at St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC), was the recipient of the first (reverse) shoulder replacement surgery performed on the island. The surgery lasted 90 minutes and was performed by Dr. Ron Onstenk and the Orthopedics and Operating Room teams.
Dr. Onstenk is part of a group of eight rotating orthopedic surgeons from Groene Hart Hospital in Gouda, The Netherlands, who have worked at SMMC since the opening of the Orthopedics Clinic in 2020. Each surgeon has their own subspecialty such as hip, knee, spine, and upper extremity, which has allowed SMMC to expand the Orthopedic services offered to patients. Since the start of the clinic and the expansion of the operating facilities with two brand new class 1 operating theaters and the upgrade of the existing operating theaters, SMMC has also been able to perform total hip and total knee replacements, having them recover close to home, limiting the need to travel and stay abroad for extended periods.
The main goal of a total shoulder replacement is to provide less or no pain after surgery and regain full function of the shoulder. In a standard shoulder replacement procedure, a metal ball is attached to the upper part of the humerus (arm bone), and a plastic socket is attached to the shoulder blade, following a patient’s real anatomy. In a reverse shoulder replacement, the metal ball is placed on the socket side of the joint and the socket is placed on the arm side where it is supported by a metal stem in the humerus. While most patients will receive standard total shoulder replacements, reverse total shoulder replacements tend to work better for patients with injuries such as rotator cuff injuries.
Speaking on the addition of total shoulder replacement surgeries at SMMC, Dr. Onstenk said “We see a large number of patients with shoulder problems such as tendinitis and osteoarthritis at our clinic on St. Maarten. For patients with osteoarthritis or severe fractures and breaks, shoulder replacement is a viable option if physical therapy and painkillers are no longer suitable for managing the pain. This type of surgery has gained popularity due to its excellent results after many years of development and innovations such as the “reverse” shoulder replacement that we recently performed. I am happy to be a part of SMMC’s ambition to continuously expand the medical care offered to patients on St. Maarten and surrounding islands”.
SMMC congratulates the Orthopedics team, the Operating Room team, and all other teams involved in the performing of this successful surgery. The patient, Mr. Boekhout, was very pleased with the results of his surgery and the care he received at SMMC, and his post-operation results were favorable. He will undergo physical therapy for three months and is expected to regain the full function of his shoulder.

Juanly Abel Ramirez joins United People's Party, "Embracing Innovation for a Better Tomorrow".

juanly19092023PHILIPSBURG:--- The political landscape in St. Maarten is buzzing with excitement as a fresh face enters the arena with a bold vision for the future. Juanly Abel-Ramirez, a dynamic and forward-thinking candidate, has officially announced her candidacy on the United People's Party (UP) slate, and she's bringing a message of proactivity, innovation, and change.
"I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the Parliamentary Election in 2024 with the United People's Party," said Abel-Ramirez on Tuesday.
With a passion for politics that ignited during her eye-opening experience working with a former politician in 2014, Abel-Ramirez knows the direct impact of political decisions on our communities. She firmly believes that the time for change is now and says her candidacy is driven by a commitment to shaping a better tomorrow for St. Maarten. Abel-Ramirez was born in St. Maarten and is a longtime resident of Cole Bay to parents of Haitian descent. She understands the plight of people who struggle daily to make ends meet and has worked for several years in the hospitality industry while raising three children. Candidate Abel-Ramirez believes these working-class people have been underrepresented for too long.

Ramirez's platform centers on three key priorities: economic growth, support for local businesses, and revitalizing the tourism industry. She recognizes that these issues are deeply interconnected, and addressing them can lead to a brighter future for the working man and woman in St. Maarten.
"Local community businesses are a crucial aspect of the tourism industry," Abel-Ramirez said. "When managed effectively, tourism can significantly benefit the local population, creating increased job opportunities and development."
Her vision is to foster an environment that encourages local businesses to thrive, ultimately boosting the island's economy. Abel-Ramirez understands that this requires forward-thinking policies and a commitment to innovation.

Abel-Ramirez said joining the United People's Party was a natural step in her political journey. She conducted extensive research on the various political parties in St. Maarten and found that the UP Party's values and dedication aligned closely with her views.
"I want to be a part of that positive change," explained Abel-Ramirez in her press release. "Joining the UP party allows me to actively engage in the political process and contribute to the betterment of our beloved St. Maarten."
Abel-Ramirez draws inspiration from the outstanding work of two prominent United People's Party figures. She said Member of Parliament MP Rolando Brison, known for his remarkable accomplishments as the hardest working legislator in Parliament and implementing 21 laws, finding solutions for some of the island's most complex challenges. Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labour, the Honourable Omar Ottley, who has been a vocal advocate against the abuse of short-term labor contracts, has left a lasting impression on her.
She also commends MP Omar Ottley's impressive role as acting minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation, and telecommunication TEATT while serving as VSA minister. Their commitment to bringing positive change to St. Maarten fuels Abel-Ramirez's determination to be a driving force for progress.
Abel-Ramirez says the electorate and the general public should view her entry into the political stage as a "call to action." "The future is not something we should passively wait for. We must actively create it through action and creativity in the present moment. Innovation and change are not distant goals but immediate opportunities," Abel-Ramirez stated.
She encourages residents "born here or born to be here to work together as a united community, to embrace opportunities, and to help shape a brighter tomorrow for St. Maarten."
With her proactive spirit and innovative vision, Juanly Abel Ramirez is poised to impact the future of St. Maarten significantly. Her candidacy represents a fresh, invigorating perspective that promises positive change and a better future.





Police Force of Sint Maarten Clarifies Procedure for Obtaining Declaration of Conduct.

certificateofconduct19092023PHILIPSBURG:--- The Police Force of Sint Maarten wishes to inform the public about the correct procedure for obtaining a Declaration of Conduct, also known as a Police Record, in response to the numerous requests received for this document.

A Declaration of Conduct is an essential document often required for various purposes such as employment, immigration, or visa applications. To ensure a streamlined and efficient process, the Police Force of Sint Maarten wants to clarify that this document can be obtained through the official website of the Government of Sint Maarten.

Individuals seeking to obtain a Declaration of Conduct should visit the Government of Sint Maarten's website at

On the website, you will find a dedicated page for requesting the Declaration of Conduct at Please note that the Police Force of Sint Maarten does not engage in the issuance of these documents. All requests and processing are handled through the government's online portal.

The Police Force of Sint Maarten does not have a process that involves providing approvals or denials for these documents. Therefore, we kindly ask the public to follow the prescribed procedure on the government's website for obtaining the Declaration of Conduct. The online process is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, ensuring that you receive the necessary documents in a timely manner.

We encourage all individuals who require a Declaration of Conduct to visit the official government website and follow the guidelines provided. This will help expedite your application and ensure that you receive the document you need for your specific purpose.


KPSM Press Release.

Ministry of VROMI announces Temporary Road Closure of Quilletor Drive.

PHILIPSBURG (DCOMM):--- The Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning, and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI), Department of Infrastructure hereby would like to notify the general public of the temporary road closure of Quilletor Drive, in the residential district of Dutch Quarter.
The entrance of Quilletor Drive is in dire repair and reconstruction will take place, starting on September 19, 2023, between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.
This temporary inconvenience is expected to be completed by 25 September 2023.
In order to carry out this work, this requires the temporary closure of the entrance of Quilletor Drive. A detour will be via Caines Drive.
The work will be carried out by Washington Construction Company N.V.
The Ministry of VROMI thanks the residents in the particular area and impacted motorists for their patience and cooperation during the road construction.
The Ministry of VROMI apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

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