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SXM Festival Partners with Be The Change Foundation to Give Back to Local Sint Maarten Community with SXM DOET.

Calls For Artists and Attendees to Join Together in the Restoration and Beautification of
St Maarten Beaches, Recreation Areas, and Town Center

Tito’s Handmade Vodka to Match Donations Made by SXM Festival and Attendees
Through a Special Collaborative Cocktail Served at Festival Bars

PHILIPSBURG:--- SXM Festival has continued its goal of restoring its beautiful host location of St Maarten by partnering with Be The Change Foundation and their annual volunteer event SXM DOET.

 SXM DOET is the largest volunteer event on Sint Maarten. It is part of a wider ‘DOET’ initiative funded by the Oranje Fonds, which takes place in all islands and countries within the Dutch Kingdom. This year, during SXM DOET 120 -projects will be completed with the help of an estimated 2000 volunteers.

 By activating its community of international partygoers and globally renowned artists, SXM Festival has pledged $10,000 to go towards upgrading selected SXM DOET projects to increase their community impact. The projects will be completed on March 15 & 16, the same weekend as SXM Festival.

 Tito’s Vodka will match donations collected by SXM FestivalAdditional funds will be raised through a collaborative Tit’s Vodka cocktail. $1 from each drink will be donated and matched by Tito’s Vodka to be put towards environmental, cultural and educational projects supported this year by Be The Change Foundation.

Donations via PayPal will also be open throughout the festival for anyone looking to contribute to Be The Change Foundation’s monthly support of a spotlighted local non-profit to continue to make a difference beyond the festival. More info on the various projects here:

 SXM Festival DJs, Artists attendees join SXM DOETSXM Festival attendees, musicians, production teams, artists, and world-renowned DJs will join forces and volunteer during SXM DOET at clean-up, mural painting, playground restoration, town beautification projects and more.

 Artists like house and techno phenom Blondish has committed to participating in initiatives like an island-wide scavenger hunt focused on collecting reusable waste. The artist is known for advocating the importance of giving back and the necessity of conscious partying; leaving the host location cleaner than the festival found it. Fellow volunteers who contribute the most to this clean-up will receive prizes hand-picked by the artist and festival. ‘Get Physical’ label boss M.A.N.D.Y., will be doing similar activities at a playground cleanup and restoration project.

 Largest financial contribution for SXM DOETThe SXM DOET Project Management Team, consisting of Fleur Hermanides, Laura Bijnsdorp and Melanie Choisy are excited about the recent partnership with the world-renowned music festival: “SXM DOET, is funded by The Oranje Fonds, however, the $10.000 donation by SXM Festival means that a number of NGO’s can take their SXM DOET project to the next level. The projects to receive additional funding through SXM Festival, ere selected on impact and need. For example a, daycare that was heavily damaged by hurricane Irma, can now rebuild the outdoor shaded area so their kids can play outside again. This has been the largest additional financial contribution to date since we started in 2015 and are truly thankful for SXM Festival’s support of our event and island community.”

SXM Festival encourages festival goers to volunteer
Considering the two events fall on the same weekend in March, festival goers visiting from around the world have the opportunity to volunteer with hands-on projects alongside non-profits and residents; forging memorable friendships and leaving behind a positive footprint on the island.

Festival attendees, media, and artists are encouraged to sign up for one of the special SXM Festival projects at or one of the 120 SXM Doet projects at

It is SXM Festival’s hope that this can be a continued step in activating its community for a good cause - helping to breath life back into its gracious host island.

For more info on these initiatives visit:

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