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Gwendell Mercelina, Jr. of the People’s National Party (PNP) of Curaçao together with Jaap Jonkers of the CDA, launches petition for statues of Maria Liberia Peters and Juancho Evertsz in the Netherlands.

mariapieters28012021~Leaning on one's own strength, but willing to assist one another.~

WILLEMSTAD, CURAÇAO:--- Today, Gwendell Mercelina Jr.'s campaign team is launching a petition to recognize colorful Dutch people who have made a special contribution to our Kingdom via
Partly inspired by the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we would like to draw attention to the diversity in our Kingdom. A tribute in the Netherlands on behalf of the entire Kingdom to Maria Liberia Peters and Juancho Evertsz is part of this. 2

The Kingdom campaign team of Gwendell Mercelina, Jr. and Jaap Jonkers want to present the petition in the ‘Tweede Kamer’ (Second Chamber) on 4 March.
In his campaign, Mercelina works together with Jaap Jonkers, who is on the electoral list for the upcoming parliamentary elections on behalf of the CDA, a sister party of the PNP. Mercelina and Jonkers are building a bridge between the Caribbean islands in the Kingdom and the Netherlands. Giving recognition to colorful Dutch people is part of this.
This petition was created by Tania Ataoellah-Henriquez.
Ataoellah-Henriquez is a campaign volunteer for the campaigns of Mercelina and Jonkers.
Mercelina, a creative business advisor, media and communications professional, and the youngest veteran politician with the most votes on the island, was born in Curaçao 32 years ago. "The time has come to give real attention in this time of crisis to consult our past, to analyze the present, to think about a better future with our allies inside and outside as one Kingdom," Mercelina said. Gwendell spends as a politician the point of view of designing a better nation, through a more participatory and civic democracy. With ideals of socio-economic inclusion, climate impact awareness with green thinking, innovative living, and a quality and modern globalized education with 21st century standards for all.
Gwendell Mercelina, Jr. (32) is the number 4 for the list of Partido Nashonal di Pueblo (PNP). The parliamentary elections will take place on Friday 19 March 2021. For more information, visit
Jaap Jonkers (34) is the number 27th for the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA). The parliamentary elections will take place on Wednesday March 17, 2021. For more information, visit 3

You will receive all information about the petition enclosed

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