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Put your money where your mouth is regarding the prison status --- MP Brison.

~ Did the current Prison Director manage a landfill and now appointed a director of Pointe Blanche Prison?

PHILIPSBURG:--- Members of Parliament supporting the coalition in parliament called a public meeting or Parliament to discuss the condition of the Pointe Blanche Prison but those who requested the meeting did not use the opportunity to speak except for MP Jules James as the meeting opened. James asked several questions about the statements made by the team leader of the TBO Jeroen Kuipers.
MP Rolando Brison challenged his colleagues’ MPs that are supporting the Government to put their money where their mouth is. Brison said that the MPS that have concerns about the prison should not vote for the 2019 budget whenever it’s presented to parliament. “The prison needs money for function books and other things but there is no money, so I challenge you not to support the budget.”
Brison further asked the Ministers that appeared in parliament for Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever to provide answers to parliament despite their thoughts and feelings. He said that he needs more information on the Landsbesluits issued to the person that is managing the prison. Brison even cautioned the Deputy Prime Minister Wycliffe Smith who is replacing de Weever that one of the persons he is asking about ran on the DP slate and not a USP slate.
Brison waved the questionable LBs saying he needs clarity, he then said he wants to know more about the current director especially his educational background he said it is rumored the person managed a landfill in Curacao. “If the director managed a landfill and is now director of the prison on St. Maarten, I want you to know that this does not bode well with me.” “I also want to know if the Minister could not find anyone within the Justice Ministry to fill that position. “I want you to know that the people of Curacao and Aruba would have combed their island for someone to fill the vacancy with their own people.”
MP William Marlin also questioned the background of the director and how exactly he was recruited. Marlin said it is his understanding that the prison director used to be the Deputy Director of the Curacao prison,  and he does believe the Minister has to provide parliament with proper information and put the rumors and or concerns of the people and parliament to rest.
Marlin further questioned how many LBs are existing he said he wants to know if the former Director Edward Rohan was dismissed. He also asked about the LBs that were issued to the two interim directors namely Steven Carty and Reginald Williamsburg.
MP Tamara Leonard who is supporting the government did not mix words and threatened to do what she has to do since she is not getting answers from the Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever.
“I will have to do what I have to do and ask what has to be asked because I am a team player, I was elected by the people and I am getting pressure from those out there regarding the prison. I have been having asking questions for a long time and never got the answer so I do not want anyone to say I am now asking questions because my leader was there.”
As for the director, Leonard said she wants to know exactly what position this person holds and how many persons are being paid as director and interim director. MP Leonard said she heard the director and or “change manager” does not even have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place, therefore she wants to know what would this person change. Furthermore, she said she heard that the director has been taking the maintenance man to meetings as his advisor while the exhaust for the kitchen needs to be fixed.
Leonard asked about the publication of the vacancy she said she wants to know if the vacancy was published locally or overseas. “I want to know exactly what was advertised and for how long, I also want to know if the Secretary-General and others in the Minister’s Cabinet are part of a fraternity?
Leonard said she wants to know if the two interim directors were demoted under the detention head and if they are then re-promoted to interim director in the absence of the director. “I need to know more about the change manager or director because I heard that this person does not have an SLA yet he is making changes. “I saw a letter where this person issued a warning letter, issued threats of demotion and more in one letter.
Leonard who obviously lost her decorum during her presentation when addressing the numerous issues affecting the prison asked if another firearm was found in the prison recently, she also asked about what was done about the killing that took place there.
MP Emmanuel rattled the members of the Council of Ministers especially the Prime Minister for lying to parliament. Emmanuel said he has proof that the Prime Minister lied to parliament when she was asked about the World Bank money and how it is being spent. Emmanuel also highlighted the fact that the Minister of Justice lied to Parliament when he was asked if he knew suspended MP Theodore Heyliger was being transported to Bonaire. I want to know how come everyone including the cleaners of the prison knew but the Minister of Justice told Parliament he did not know. “I also heard that a former detainee offered the Prison a donation of 15 washing machines and dryers and the Minister of Justice turned down the offer. I also want to know if the Minister gave the Director instructions to limit the visitations of suspended MP Theodore Heyliger while he was incarcerated."
Emmanuel said that the Minister hired a ‘garbage man’ to run the prison but he believes that it’s the employer’s fault and not the ‘garbage man.” The NA MP said since it’s the Ministers fault in several ways and is clearly anti-St. Maarten he is waiting for the motions of no confidence.

MP Jurendy Doran said he is convinced that the Romeo-Marlin 2 cabinet is busy victimizing the people that did not support them in the last election. He said he is convinced of that because the Ministers are busy employing foreigners for top positions while St. Maarteners are left behind.
He lauded MP Tamara Leonard who made several references about the way the Minister of Justice handled the affairs of the justice ministry.

While the MPs supporting the coalition acted up and asked key questions they did not take actions against their Ministers, instead, the replacement Minister Wycliffe Smith asked for two weeks to provide the answers to the questions posed by parliament and the meeting was adjourned until further notice. The commotion from the MPs supporting the coalition caught the Chairlady Sarah Wescot Williams by surprise thus she left the house of Parliament as the meeting was taking place. 

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