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Suspended MP Theodore Heyliger accused of accepting bribes from several companies from January 2004 to March 2014.

~ 4 charges levied against Heyliger, Ronald Maasdam and associates paid huge sums of money for government contracts. Heyliger house was repaired, he collected cash and Dodge Charger.~

PHILIPSBURG:--- Suspended Member of Parliament Theodore Heyliger showed up late with his lawyer Peppie Sulvaran in court on Monday afternoon. The proceedings on Monday was a procedural hearing ( Regie Zitting) where the proceedings were discussed since the case is deemed complicated.
Heyliger was stacked with at least 4 charges all of which alleges that he accepted bribes in the form of money and other gifts. These monetary and other gifts were given to Heyliger from 2004 to 2019, a period of 15 years while he was holding government offices and or functions. He is accused of taking almost $4M in bribes as a politician whether he was a commissioner, Minister or Member of Parliament.
The first charge states that Heyliger received from Windward Roads money, property in Upper Princess Quarter a Dodge Charger Vehicle and had his private home repaired all of which was for construction contracts.
The second charge indicates that Heyliger received from DEVCON and/or Ronald Maasdam and others the sum of $700.000 for dredging work which was awarded to Devcon.
The third charge has to do with the Causeway as it relates to Volker Stevin involving Ronald Maasdam, from all indication based on the indictment Maasdam served as a State witness against Theodore Heyliger.
The fourth charge indicates that Heyliger was part of a criminal deal or cover up with the sale of several properties.

The indictment presented by the prosecution states that from 1 January 2004 to 31 March 2014 while in St. Maarten and or Netherlands Antilles, Anguilla, and or Panama, and or the United States of America has repeatedly accepted one or more gifts and or promises from Windward Roads BV and or Concrete Mix BV from another main suspect in the LARIMAR investigation Ronald Maasdam, and Consultech, S.A and or J. Jones, those gifts amounts to USD 1,847,685.24, at least; and cash of approximately USD 850,000 and or; a giro cash amount of USD 40,000.00 and (a part of) a plot of land, registered under SXM UPQ 038/2004 (Mullen property).( Upper Princess Quarter).
A redirection line and or redemption of outstanding invoices for the benefit of Caribbean International Maritime Co. NV and or Sint Maarten Shipping & Stevedoring NV and or Nichirei Carib Co. NV, worth ANG 900,000, or at least any amount of money, and or; work on the home of the suspect to the value of ANG 135,292.88, or at least some money and or a car (Dodge Charger), valued at approximately USD 200,000,00.
Having a suspect other than for whatever reason and or not for all reasons, one or more government contracts for (construction) work awarded to Windward Roads B.V. and or have used his influence to ensure that Windward Roads B.V. was awarded contracts, and or the suspect has entered into and or maintained a relationship between him, the suspect, and Windward Roads B.V., whether or not via a third party, in order to obtain possible governmental contact.
The indictment further states that in around April 1, 2009 to January 1, 2011 in St. Maarten and or the Netherlands Antilles and or Anguilla and or the Isle of Man and or the United States of America accepted gifts from Devcon TCI Ltd. and or Ronald Maasdam and or Caribbean Advice and Consultancy Ltd., being those gifts and or promises; amounted to of USD 700,000, at least; cash amounts of approximately USD 82,468.37 and or a cashless amount of USD 260,000, or at least some amount of money and or (part of) a parcel of land registered under SXM UPQ 038/2004 (Mullen property)
Heyliger is accused of doing these things for business reasons and not only owing to having more government contracts awarded to Devcon TCI Limited for dredging whether by his own person or by using his influence to ensure that Devcon TCI Ltd was contracted. The indictment further alleges that the suspect has entered into and maintained relationships with Devcon TCI Ltd even through third parties to ensure future contracts are awarded to the company.
Further, the charges state that Heyliger from February 1, 2010, to March 31, 2014, has taken part in one or more donations and or promises, from Volker Stevin Caribbean NV or Ronald Maasdam or Advanced Consultech SA with monetary amounts to USD 1,065,524.25 and or USD 179,000, or cash amounts of approximately USD 83,000.
The fourth charge states that from September 9th, 2011, to February 2019 Heyliger was involved with the sale of property namely the Mullen Property in Upper Princess Quarter. The charge alleges that Heyliger knows the real heir, the origin, place of origin and the alienation and or the movement hidden and or disguised, always hidden and or disguised who the person entitled to that object was or who held that object while he knew that the aforementioned object - immediately or indirectly - came from criminal activities.

The defense asked the court to hear some witnesses which were granted no date was set for the continuation of the trial.

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