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VVD party with most serious integrity affairs, Misconduct (Lies), Intoxication, Fraud,Conflict interest, Real Estate Corruption : leader Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Based on an article written by Bart de Koning from Volkskrant the VVD remains the party with the most serious integrity affairs, according to the sixth Political Integrity Index, the overview of all political scandals of the past year. The PVV and local parties also had many affairs. Misconduct in leisure time, such as intoxication, fraud and false tweets, remains the biggest stumbling block in Dutch politics.

The VVD has been coming out six years in a row since the start of the PI index as the "winner" with the most affairs. Also in 2018, with a total of twelve, the party again caused the most and the most serious scandals. The party lost Minister Halbe Zijlstra after a lie, MP Han ten Broeke for "an unequal relationship" and the mayors Stefan Huisman and Fons Hertog for misconduct.

In 2015, Loek Hermans (VVD) had to resign due to his role in the bankruptcy of Meavita. Last year, party-colleague Anne-Wil Duthler (VVD) came to the house because her own consulting firm had advised about legislation that she had voted on as the first MP. On the list of ancillary functions (which only came after European pressure), Duthler had not reported this conflicting interest.
The VVD has since the first PII (Integrity Index), in 2013, every year the most affairs. The year 2018 was no exception with twelve affairs. In addition, it was also heavy matters, which were often extended in the news. The VVD lost a minister after lying (Halbe Zijlstra), two mayors by misconduct (Fons Hertog because of ' cross-border behaviour ' against officials and Stefan Huisman because of excessive alcohol consumption on a drink, while he had picket service) and a MP by an ' unequal relationship ' (Han ten Broeke). And then there was still sitting MP Wybren van Haga, which has been in disagreement since last year because he is violating rental rules as a landlord.
Also over the entire term of the PII, from 1980 to 2018, the VVD is at the top of 131 affairs, far above the numbers of the other large parties.
In 2017, Annemarie Jorritsma still waved the revelations of Follow the Money on the business deals of party president Henry Keizer. Emperor was ' integer ' and FTM had ' a superficial investigation '
In the meantime emperor has resigned, the FIOD has begun an investigation and the emperor has already received an after-tax of 12 million euros for the deal with a funeral company the optional.
It is difficult to deny that the VVD really causes more affairs, that they are often also more serious than other parties and that it is a persistent problem. Since 2008, no less than 29 VVD'ers have come into contact with criminal law, including three in 2018. Mitchell van der Coolen, candidate councilor in Almere, is suspected of hacking computers and distributing pornography. Anita Dikken, the candidate in Deventer, received 60 hours of work punishment for abuse. Both have withdrawn. Paul Hannink, Councillor for municipality interests/VVD in Tubbergen, issued for manure fraud.
That the VVD has a serious problem, starts to penetrate internally as well. The most recent issue of liberal Reflections, the magazine of the think-tank of the VVD, gives extensive attention to integrity. There is a ' wide displeasure ' among many VVD directors, the Liberal Koen, mayor of Den Helder, wrote in an opinion piece in NRC in the middle of January: ' Let me try to formulate the thread in the broad criticism. It starts with shame for the many integrity issues. That they were possible and were not filtered out even in the selection of current MPs is incomprehensible. One incident can. But this series is a blind spot and a lack of moral awareness among people who have been able to reach the top of the party.
An analysis of the problem can be found at Frank de Grave prominent member VVD. This party prominently devotes in Big Boy – the book in which he, together with journalist Jan Tromp, looks back on his political career – a whole chapter, under the telling headline: ' How does the VVD in the field of integrity so often lose track '
The Grave gives explanations. When the CDA was the biggest party, there were also the most scandals. Now that is the VVD. ' Where power and throbbing self-confidence come together, things go wrong ', says De Grave.
This argument is more often used as a statement, but the image that the VVD is the biggest party is only for the Hague politicians, so MPs and ministers. The CDA has more mayors, Aldermans and councilors than the VVD – and considerably less scandals.
The Grave has the core of many integrity affairs to address in his party. Often, it is real estate and corruption (think of Jos van Rey, Ton Hamed, the of Hagar of Haga, Henry Keizer) and often strong personalities get too little internal contradiction.

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