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Stories of Irma by St. Maarten children – request for submitting entries.

foreseefillin02102017To: St. Maarten children, their parents, teachers and schools

Hurricane Irma has left behind a deeply rooted impression for nearly all children. They had to deal with the power of nature, may have lost their roof or complete house, felt the fear of the adults around them and are dealing with the aftermath in many different ways.

As part of dealing with the effects of hurricane Irma and giving children a voice, they are invited to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings. This can be about the preparation before the hurricane, the Irma experience during the storm or the days and weeks after Irma. The story can also be about how children feel about the reconstruction of St. Maarten, their observations, their perception on the support, help and love they received from others.

With children/youth having left St. Maarten and others staying here getting back to school, all children are invited to share their “stories” regardless of where they are living now.
The experience can be shared in the form of a poem, a story or a drawing. It is left up to them in which format they like to present their work. The easiest way, as many children do not have access to computers or technology is by using paper, pen, crayons etc.
However, those who feel comfortable sending their work in a digital format and have access to technology, can also email Foresee (4C) Foundation.
The story, poem or drawing can be submitted to their teacher/school manager or be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Foresee Foundation (organizers of the DigiKidz, DigiTeenz, DigiWorkz projects, CTEC conferences and the TV project) will find a resourceful and creative way to share childrens’ stories digitally and/or in print format and have an incentive for all who participated.

This initiative is open for all children/youth in primary and secondary education.

When submitting Irma’s story, children/youngsters are asked to write down:

  1. First name
  2. Last Name
  3. Age/ Grade
  4. School attending or previously attended before Irma
  5. Contact information (telephone/email address)

The deadline for submitting Irma stories is Monday, October 23rd 2017.

Foresee looks forward to receiving many entries!

Foresee Press Release

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