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Chippie network update.

Mobile service
Data and voice service has been restored to some neighborhoods for 3G and LTE service. Our team is diligently working on restoring more sites.
If you have no service, please restart your phone. This will re-register your phone to the mobile network to be able to place calls.
At the moment calls are possible from Chippie numbers to other Chippie numbers on St. Maarten, Saba, St. Eustatius, Curacao and Bonaire. Calls are also possible to Curacao fixed line numbers. International calling has also been restored.

3G & 4G LTE Mobile internet
For those wanting to activate data service, see below activation instructions for SMS to 3636:
B1D $2,99 for 500 MB
B7D $17.50 for 500 MB
BS $25.00 for 2 GB
BM $35.00 for 4 GB
BL $55.00 for 8 GB
BXL $120.00 for 12 GB
Alternately you can try SMS to 3434 with the following codes:
3GVP 1D $2.25 for 500 MB
3GVP 10D $16.75 for 2.5 GB
4GVP 30D $35 for 4GB
(Don't forget the space after VP)
Which codes apply to you depends on which service you had been using previously.
You need to be sure to activate APN setting premium in your mobile network settings. (No user name or password needed)

NET ON/2G mobile internet service.
If you would like to deactivate your ongoing NET ON mobile internet service (o prevent the automatic deduction of ANG 1.50 per day), you can SMS NET OFF to 5555. If you are not within our current coverage area to be able to send the SMS to deactivate, please SMS us your number or call us at 5881010 and we will deactivate for you.

Account recharge
If you have internet access, recharge of your Chippie prepaid account is possible at this moment from WIB bank accounts using WIB online banking. Select option local payments for a payment to UTS St. Maarten NV. Enter the recipient's phone number in the beneficiary field. Be sure to include country code +1721 in the recipient info.

From UTS Facebook Page

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