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On March 18th, held DOGA open house at the University Of St. Martin.

doga24032017PHILIPSBURG:--- Doga is the Art of Dance and the mindfulness of Yoga combine to give a truly rapturous experience while interacting with your breathing.
Experience movement and self-awareness the best pick me up, and calming experience to start the day. Excellent tips for the corporate women of today. We are so focused on getting things done that most times...we forget to breathe.
What you will learn
Practice body flow that will strengthen the body, create flexibility, release tension and create healing mind, body, spirit, connection.

• There are no requirements for this course.
• We recommend that you set aside some practice time so you can deepen your experience in order to bring higher levels of integration in physical and energetic levels.

• An open mind and a good attitude.
• No pre-requisite knowledge or materials required
• Yoga mat
• Eagerness to Learn about Dance and Yoga.

Created by Ms. Halley D’Oga is a combination of dance movement, yoga poses, and meditation designed to create an optimal movement and self-awareness experience.
Conducted by Directors of the National Institute of Arts Arlene Halley and Clara Reyes, Certified Yoga instructors and professional dance educators for the past 40 years.
Drawing from centuries-old traditions of creating a union of body, mind, and breathe, D’Oga is the perfect greeting to a new day. Providing you with tools to calm mind, breathing exercise to flush the body of toxins and stretch and tone movement to create a balanced approach to your day.
D’Oga is the fusion of traditions in dance that incorporates Dance techniques from the principals of Brain Dance, 5 rhythms of Gabrielle Roth, Traditional healing dances of Africa and the Caribbean as well yoga, breathe exercises and meditation.
Classes will run for 60 minutes where you will be exposed to various techniques. For More Information, please contact:
E:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +721 543 0600
You can also contact The University Of St.Martin:
1(721) 542-5171 | 542-3156 | 542-3674 | Fax: 1(721) 542-5226

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