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Shooting in Belvedere --- Police Investigating. (UPDATED)

eddyzinhagel30102015BELVEDERE:--- An early morning shooting took place in the Belvedere area early Friday morning. Several police vehicles were seen heading to the area. SMN News understands that the some man ran through the home of someone that is well known in the Belvedere area as they shot Eddy Zinhagel someone that is well known to police. SMN News understands that the early morning shooting has the female homeowner very traumatized.
Eyewitnesses said that the victim just got released from prison and he is well known to police.
According to the information SMN News received the victim was transported to St. Maarten Medical Center where he underwent emergency surgery. SMN News understands that Zinhagel was shot on the left side of his chest and at the time of the shooting he was in critical condition.
Press Prosecutor Karola Van Nie said in an invited comment that she did not know the exact condition of the victim but up to the time she spoke to SMN News the victim was alive.
SMN News understands that the shooter and the victim have been involved is some sort of feud in the past and Friday’s shooting was a matter of settling the past.
Several persons who knows the victim said that Friday morning shooting was more like a “hit”, concerned residents on the island said that the level of crime on St. Maarten has become scary and what seems to be happening now are those from the ‘underworld’ is taking out each other.
On the scene of the shooting several detectives were on the scene for hours as they comb the scene for evidence while they kept the neighbors on guard by telling them they were not allowed to leave their homes or speak to anyone.
SMN News contacted at least one neighbor who had the worst experience of her life when the gun man ran through her home in the presence of her children, the Belvedere resident and mother is an employee of the St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation. When SMN News contacted the neighbor she said she could not leave her home or speak to anyone as she was instructed by police not to move.

Man shot at his home in Belvedere.

The Police Department is presently investigating a shooting which took place on Friday between 07.30 and 08.00 a.m. in the Housing Project of Belvedere. The Emergency Dispatch had received several calls about the incident and had sent several police patrols, Detectives, Forensic Department and paramedics to investigate the situation.
On the scene the investigating officers were informed that the male victim was already on his way to the hospital in a private vehicle. The officers also learnt that the paramedics met up with the private vehicle on the A. Th. Illidge road and started the treatment of the victim, who was taken to the hospital directly after.
According to information gathered on the crime scene is that, the victim had just stepped into his car and was about to leave his home, when he was attacked by a man with gun who fired several shots at him. The victim tried to flee but was struck at least twice. After committing this act the suspect fled the scene in a small black car with tinted windows.
Who the suspect is and why this shooting took place has not yet been established. The crime scene was closed while and the Forensic Department was collecting evidence and the Detectives questioning witnesses. The victim remains admitted in the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further medical treatment.
The police department is asking anyone who may have any information in connection with this investigation to please inform the department by calling the # 9300 tip line or the direct phone line which 54-22222.
When more information regarding this investigation becomes available the media will be informed.

KPSM Police Report

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