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Oct 25th
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Cayman takes the lead in Banker survey for sixth time

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Cayman takes the lead in Banker survey for sixth time

 Gayman Islands"---- Cayman's position as the world's top specialised financial centre was reconfirmed again this week with the news that this jurisdiction has come first in a leading international survey, topping the specialised financial centres ranking, as compiled by The Banker magazine. This is the sixth consecutive year that the Cayman Islands has led the field in this highly-regarded, global survey.
Cayman Finance CEO Gonzalo Jalles Cayman said this is one survey of which Cayman's financial services industry takes serious note.
"While there are many surveys carried out on financial centres periodically, The Banker, as part of The Financial Times Group, always speaks with authority and as a result, its survey is one of the most highly respected and one which we anticipate with interest annually. In this way the fact that the Cayman Islands has retained its top spot for six years running as the world's top specialised financial centre has far greater validity and importance for the industry as a whole, not just locally, but globally as well," he said.
The Banker magazine is part of the Financial Times Group, a globally recognised and respected finance publication and its IFC rankings are based on data ranging from financial markets indicators to economic potential to business environment factors. The ranking focuses on the level of international business and the value for institutions seeking to expand their international operations.
Wayne Panton, Minister of Financial Services, Commerce & Environment, thanked Cayman Finance for coordinating the submission to the publication and said that the accolade is another testament to the strength of Cayman's professional infrastructure and the quality of service provided: "The Cayman Islands financial service industry prides itself on its ability to service its clients with the highest level of professionalism," he said. "The industry, working in partnership with the Cayman Islands Government, is nimble in its ability to service market needs, and this collaborative approach, coupled with service excellence, has fared the jurisdiction extremely well over the years," he added.
Mr Panton noted specifically that one of the criteria in compiling the data is the economic potential of the jurisdiction.
"Retrospectively, the honour of coming first in this survey in itself underscores the value the Cayman Islands financial services industry has for the global economy as a whole; but, even more importantly, the survey highlights the fact that this industry has even greater potential to continue to add value to this jurisdiction in the years to come," Minister Panton confirmed.
Of the specialised financial centres, the Cayman Islands retains its lead, followed by Jersey, Guernsey and the Bahamas. Mauritius climbed one place to fifth.

Last Updated ( Friday, 24 October 2014 19:29 )


Port St. Maarten Meets with Ministry of Public Health with respect to Ebola.

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Port St. Maarten Meets with Ministry of Public Health with respect to Ebola.

POINT BLANCHE:---- Port St. Maarten – On Tuesday, Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labour (Ministry VSA) officials met with the management team of Port St. Maarten regarding the ports preparations for Ebola.

Ministry VSA informed Port management about the national preparations that are taking place and the various meetings with stakeholders and others that are planned.

Country Sint Maarten has to comply with International Health Regulations (IHR) where public health is concerned. Since Ebola has been declared a global health threat, all countries have to take preventive measures to prevent its spread.

Information presented concerned Ebola symptoms, transmission mode, preventive measures, current global Ebola developments and measures taken to prevent the further spread of the disease.

Port St. Maarten is the first institution that has received the informative presentation from the Ministry. Port management stated that a program of increased sanitization of the port facility will be implemented and port tenants will also be asked to work along these lines as well.

Port management informed Ministry VSA that a delegation left on Wednesday to meet with representatives of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) in connection with the cruise industry's Ebola screening measures.

Port St. Maarten and Ministry VSA already have a working relationship with respect to a health pre-clearance protocol related to cruise ships. A cruise vessel has to report 48 and 24 hours timeframes ahead if there are any cases of the norovirus which is very contagious.

Port St. Maarten will share its findings with Ministry VSA with respect to the cruise line protocols which are in place when passengers board the ships out of Miami, and will further collaborate to make sure that the country's sea border is secure from a public health perspective.

Representing Ministry VSA was Dr. Viginia Asin, Fenna Arnell, Dr. Earl Best, Maria Henry and Margje Troost.

Last Updated ( Friday, 24 October 2014 19:29 )

Police promotes “Stop, Drop and Go” project at secondary school.

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Police promotes “Stop, Drop and Go” project at secondary school.

PHILIPSBURG:--- On Friday October 24th at 7.30 a.m. the Community Police Officer for the Sint Peters and Reward area Inspector Felix Richards and the Police Public Relation officer Inspector Ricardo Henson visited the Sint Maarten Academy PSVE- secondary school in Ebenezer Estate to give a small presentation. The presentation was order to continue promoting the "Stop, Drop and Go" project which is presently ongoing. This joint project, organized between the French and Dutch justice departments, encourages persons on both side of the island to voluntarily surrender their illegal fire-arm without fear of being prosecuted. The project started officially on October 15th 2014 and will end on October 31st 2014. The project is designed to rid as much illegal fire-arms as possible from the streets and this is mainly due to the large amount and the increase in the amount of violent criminal activity involving fire-arms. By bringing this message to all schools and mainly the secondary schools, we believe that this message will quickly be spread among the youth which is also the main target group. The project so far has been quite successful because of the constant flow of illegal fire-arms being turned in at the Attorney Generals office located on the third floor of the Puerta Del Sol Plaza on Welfare road.
During the presentation at the school the students listened attentively to the information which officer Richards shared with them regarding the dangers of guns and the consequence it may have when they are used against each other. The students were also quite impressed with the very positive gingle promoting the "Stop, Drop and Go" project which was written, composed and sang by a local youngster by the name of Rumari Rogers. This gingle can be heard daily on several local radio stations which so far have been well accepted by radio listeners.
The presentation ended with officer Richards handing out promotional and information flyers. Promotional red white and blue rubber wristbands engraved with black letters "Stop, Drop & Go" were given to the students and teachers who attended the presentation. The intention is to visit all secondary schools to give this presentation and share all information with the students.








KPSM Police Report

Last Updated ( Friday, 24 October 2014 19:29 )

Government plans island wide clean up starting Monday, residents urged to put debris out

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Philipsburg (DCOMM):---- On Monday, October 27, the Public Works Department plans to start a coordinated island-wide cleanup to pick up the remaining debris left over from Hurricane Gonzalo.

Over this upcoming weekend, residents are requested to put out their debris roadside so that the Department personnel can take the debris and rubble away.

The residents are also requested to separate the normal garbage of the household with that of the hurricane debris.

"I am requesting of the community to not mix up the everyday garbage with the hurricane debris," Head of Public Works, Claudius Buncamper said.

"This complicates our job because 1) it creates a unhygienic situation, 2) companies (garbage collectors) are already hired to pick up garbage from the bins, 3) it slows down the process by not focusing just on the debris and there is much work to be done.

With the cost of cleanup after Hurricane Gonzalo escalating, especially in a limited budget, it is essential that we try to control cost and work as efficient and effective as possible, Buncamper said.

So it is critical that all debris is put to side of the road and for everyone to contribute and/or help out neighbors and elderly to put out the hurricane debris.

Last Updated ( Friday, 24 October 2014 19:29 )

Minister Lake calls on residents, community councils and civic organizations to help with national clean-up this weekend.

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PHILIPSBURG:---  Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake is calling on residents, community councils and civic organizations to come together this weekend to help clean-up the districts.

All residents are being urged to use the weekend to clean-up their yard and put out their hurricane related debris outside their yard or alongside the road. Household garbage is not hurricane related debris.

Ministry VROMI will resume the pick-up of hurricane related debris on Monday, October 27.

Hurricane Gonzalo left in its wake a lot of downed trees in the various districts, and Minister Lake would like to see the communities coming together to help with the clean-up this Saturday and Sunday, October 25 and 26.

"The more hands we have on deck the better. We will get more accomplished within a shorter period of time. Every household and business has a personal responsibility to clean-up their surroundings. You cannot rely on government for everything, there is an individual responsibility involved,

"I was informed that the Student Government Association of the University of St. Martin has taken the initiative to clean-up the St. Maarten Zoo. This is where we need to come together as a community to get things done.

"At the same time, the clean-up of yards and around businesses prevents mosquito breeding and rodents. This protects public health, the general welfare and interests of the people, and in the end the quality of life of our people improves, and this is also a personal responsibility. Everybody has to contribute and clean-up their surroundings," Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Friday.

Minister Lake also commends the Fire Department, Ministry VROMI staff, the different Emergency Support Functions that make-up the Emergency Operations Center, and other entities that have played a role in the post-Hurricane Gonzalo period in getting the country back on track and moving forward.

"I would like to commend the Nature Foundation for their outstanding work and assessments that have been carried out with respect to the environment and in identifying the challenges that exist," Minister Lake said on Friday.

The Minister is expecting to receive from Ministry VROMI next week an update assessment with respect to clean-up efforts within the districts along with the costs to the public treasury.

Last Updated ( Friday, 24 October 2014 19:29 )

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