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Oct 09th
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No One will distract the RRR Government --- Says President --- Director of Cabinet Relieved of his duties.

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alainrichardson10042012Marigot:--- The President of the Collectivity of St. Martin Alain Richardson announced on Tuesday at a press conference that no one will distract his government from carrying out the mandate they were elected to carry out. President Richardson was referring to the recent scandal surrounding his Director of Cabinet Alex Richards. Richardson said that 57% of the voters elected his team and despite having a very hard first week in office the RRR government will stay focused.
The President described his first week on the job as being very intense and one in which he had no rest. President Richardson said in times of storm the captain would keep his calm while he would also remain fully in control. President Richardson further explained that the mandate given to his team is far more urgent and important than any regrettable and unfortunate incident, error, or mistake. He said in light of the regrettable situation this past week he has decided to cut the functions of his Director of Cabinet Alex Richards. The President said his team is too conscious of the expectations of the people from his team especially the youths, also the great level of hope the RRR victory has triggered.
The RRR team is too conscious, engaged, and geared at the mission for change. President Richardson said the RRR team has embarked on restoring confidence and that crucial values are needed at the end of the day that will make sure that St. Martin wins. "We are too much in gear in making sure that things go right to leave anything or anyone deters us from the task given to us by the people. I wish to also restate my commitment to work in all transparency and my unwavering will not to leave any situation disturb my determination to implement the program on which the majority and my government was elected by 57% of the voters, whether pleasing or displeasing to some."
Responding to questions on Alex Richards who was seen at the Collectivity on Tuesday, the President said that Alex Richards is a civil servant but refused to say where he would continue his duties. "Alex Richards is an agent of the Collectivity and he will remain an agent of the Collectivity."
When he was asked why he did not write his political address, the President said that he does not have the technical abilities to write such a speech which had to be based on the RRR program they campaigned on. "The general political declaration has to give the settings of the plan for the entire mandate of five years. Such speeches need technical expertise I do not have those expertise. It was not the intention to have a speech for the sake of a speech, it had to be profound and meet the platform on which we were elected and no one in their rightful mind would say the content of the speech was different from the RRR platform." The President said that a decision has been taken and that decision carries the day. The President also said he worked on the speech to make sure certain aspects were brought to light. "Furthermore, I leave it up to those that had much more time to examine. I never saw some people of the press so diligent, but maybe that's their role."
He further explained that no one can say that the speech he delivered on Sunday April 1, 2012 was not in line with the RRR program. When asked why the RRR chose to hire Alex Richards while they knew he was fired from the Tourist Office in 2006 for plagiarizing the Nievre tourist plan and presenting it as St. Martin's Tourist plan. The President said St. Martin's society lives by a court of law and whatever the courts decide they decide.
It should be noted that while Alex Richards was fired from the Office du Tourisme he never contested his case in the courts of justice as a prud hommes against his dismissal from Office du Tourisme.
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