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Oct 10th
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Anguillan Man Died in Traffic Accident --- Driver Questioned by Police --- Victim may have died from drowning.

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Philipsburg: --- The Police and Traffic Department are busy investigating the death of a young man who was struck down on Wednesday afternoon on Zagersgut Road in the vicinity of People's Supermarket.

Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson said that the police are busy questioning the driver of a white Caravan that struck the victim down while he and another young man were walking alongside the road.

Henson said the victim has been identified as G.A.R., 22 years old from the neighboring island of Anguilla. The police spokesman said the victim was staying with some friends on the island temporarily.

Police have since confiscated the body for an autopsy to be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Reports reaching SMN News state that the young man probably died from drowning since the victim fell in a nearby trench when he was struck. Henson confirmed that the body of the victim was removed from a nearby trench. He later confirmed that the victim may have died from drowning after he was knocked unconscious and fell the trench.

Sources close to police also states that while the young man received a hard blow from the accident, there are also indications that water was inside his lungs. Thus, it was deemed necessary for an autopsy to be performed.

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