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Aug 30th
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Police Instructed not to Use Private Tow Trucks --- Towing of Vehicles is Illegal --- Duncan.

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Philipsburg:--- Minister of Justice Roland Duncan told reporters on Wednesday that there is no law or policy that authorizes tow trucks on the island to tow away vehicles that are parked illegally in Philipsburg. Minister Duncan said he already informed the police chief that the tow trucks are operating illegally and they are to use clamps rather than having people's vehicles towed away. "If it's absolutely necessary to tow away someone's car then the police should do it themselves, they have a tow truck to do that."
Minister Duncan said he does not know who established the amount of monies people are to pay these tow trucks when their vehicles are towed away. He said tow trucks are supposed to have a process verbal authorizing them to tow away vehicles and if they do not have that then people should also file injunctions against these tow truck companies. The Justice Minister said that the tow trucks companies have requested a meeting with him and he has no problem seeing them but he would have to let them know that they are operating in violation of the law.
He urged vehicle owners to file a complaint with the police when their vehicle is towed away. "When you realize that your vehicle was towed file a complaint with the traffic department to say your vehicle was stolen," Minister Duncan said. The Minister said the island and its people have to restore sanity in society. "Right now buses stop here, there, and everywhere and they disrupt traffic when bus drivers refuse to adhere to the traffic laws. Even drivers who stop anyhow to either give other drivers a pass is acting against the traffic laws."
The Minister said that several businesses and residents are in the habit of placing signs to block parking spaces in Philipsburg. He said that no one has the right to block parking spaces and blocking parking spaces is illegal. The only people that are authorized to designate parking spaces is the Government of St. Maarten and it must be done via a decree.
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