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Sep 04th
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Appellate Court Quashed Verdict in Eddie the Barber Murder Trial.

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Philipsburg:--- Calniff Williams, a native of St. Vincent who was convicted to 15 years behind bars for the murder of Basilio Bruno better known as "Eddie the Barber" is now a free man as the Appellate Court quashed the verdict handed down by the Court of First Instance on May 2 2011.
Williams was charged with the murder of "Eddie the Barber" who was stabbed at least 18 times on December 21st 2008. On March 2nd 2011, the Court of First Instance considered proven that Williams was responsible for the death of Basilio Bruno and sentenced him to 15 years behind bars.
In the appeal hearing, Williams was represented by Jason Rogers of Gibson and Associates Law Firm. The Appellate Court found that it is not legally proven that Williams had committed the brutal murder on December 21st 2008 where Bruno lost his life.

Rogers in his arguments requested that two of the witnesses be heard for a second time, he showed that the statements provided by the witnesses are conflicting, and it is ambiguous based on the telephone printouts provided to the court. Furthermore, the Prosecution did not provide any DNA match of Williams to the court. Neither could the witnesses identify Williams as the culprit.

Click here to view the verdict delivered by the Appeals Court.

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