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Oct 07th
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Christmas trees must be fumigated and certified before allowed into country.

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Great Bay (DCOMM):--- Wholesalers and retailers who plan on importing Christmas Trees for the upcoming holiday season are hereby advised to make sure that the trees have been treated.

Wholesalers and retailers for each consignment should have a phytosanitary certificate from the exporting country showing that the trees have been fumigated with methyl bromide before it leaves the exporting country.

There are ordinances that regulate the importation of goods and a permit will be required for the holiday season 2012 in order to import Christmas Trees.

Country Sint Maarten has to comply with various international regulations such as the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).

Government is in the process via the Department of Inspections TEZVT of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV) that falls under the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications, to register as a member of the IPPC.

The Department of Inspections TEZVT-LVV has to ensure that imported Christmas Trees – even though they may appear to be harmless, there could be hidden threats - are free from insects and pests that could harm trees and vegetation on the island.

The Department of Inspections TEZVT-LVV of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Office is located in the Savence Building (Yellow), Tamarinde Steeg #16C on the Pondfill which houses various government offices such as Public Works and the Building Inspections Department. The office can be reached by calling 542-4519 for further information.

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