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Aug 28th
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Robert Reid Denies Involvement in his Daughter’s Death.

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robertreidburnwounds09092011Philipsburg:--- The father of 13-year old Tiffany Bianca Reid, who was killed and burnt on Tuesday night has denied any involvement in his daughter's murder said Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos. Robert Reid appeared before the judge of instruction on Friday where his pre-trial detention was extended for a period of eight days. Mos said the suspect will be interrogated again in the coming days.
Robert Reid was arrested late Tuesday night after he filed a missing person's report with the police. His body, mainly his face and hands had fresh burns at the time of the arrest. SMN News learnt that the suspect told police that he was burnt by a car radiator that he claimed exploded. However, it must be noted that residents of South Reward claimed they saw Robert Reid escaping from the scene where his daughter's body was set alight. Those residents even managed to take note of the number plate of the getaway car Robert Reid used.
Attorney at law Zylena Bary confirmed that her client denied any involvement in his daughter's death. She said her client claimed he was injured during an accident but that will be determined during the investigations.
Bary said the judge extended the pre-trial detention based on the nature of the case, he felt that police followed proper procedures when they arrested Robert Reid.
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