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Oct 04th
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Police Internal Affairs Investigating MNO Fracas --- De Witte.

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Philipsburg:--- The Police Internal Affairs are busy conducting an investigation into the fracas that took place Friday night involving Major Ashwin Martina confirmed Chief Commissioner of Police Peter De Witte. De Witte also confirmed that Major Ashwin Martina is currently on probation for attacking and beating a Checkmate Security Guard who was stationed at the Megaplex Cinema. It should also be noted that Martina was also involved in the UP Vote buying scandal as well in another incident in Simpson Bay.
On Friday night, Officer Martina was under the influence of alcohol when he fought with a worker from MNO Vervat who was directing traffic on Pondfill road in the vicinity of the entrance to Foreign Affairs and the home of former Police Inspector, the late Wilfred Marsdin. According to eye witnesses, the officer drove his car on the road where MNO Vervat workers were busy patching and refused to use the side entrance that was being used to divert traffic. The fight Friday night landed Officer Martina and an MNO Vervat supervisor in the hospital after the latter was hit by a rock in his face.
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