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Oct 06th
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MP De Weever does not think Corporate Governance Council should be financed by Government.

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membersofparliament28062011Philipsburg:--- The Chairman of Corporate Governance Council Louis Duzanzon made a presentation to members of parliament on Tuesday during a central committee meeting on the role of the council and all it has done since it was established. Several parliamentarians who were present questioned Duzanzon on the reasons why the CGC was not able to access the monies that government claimed to put at their disposal. Duzanzon informed parliament that the Finance Minister did send the council a letter informing them that Naf.400, 000.00 was put to their disposal but the CGC has no means of accessing of the funds.
While Member of Parliament Olivacci Meyers said parliament will do the necessary to make sure the CGC funding is regulated and she applauded Duzanzon and his colleagues for their work, her colleague Member of Parliament Johan Janchi Leonard warned Duzanzon that while he holds an advisory position he should not sound confrontational with government since government is the one that has to sustain the CGC's existence.
However, Member of Parliament Petrus Leroy De Weever informed the CGC chairman that he was never in favor of such a council and he also pointed out that he did not vote for the establishing of the council in the former island territory. De Weever based his contentions on GEBE a foundation or sub-body that is operating on behalf of government yet they have no say. De Weever said GEBE is giving the people of St. Maarten very bad services at very high prices and government he said can do nothing. While making his presentation, the electricity of parliament building was interrupted due to the overloading. When the meeting resumed De Weever continued his presentation by saying that he fully respected Mr. Duzanzon yet he cannot see eye to eye with him based on the position he (Duzanzon) is holding. De Weever said he questioned his appointment in the past simply based on the role of the council.
cgcyearreportpresentation28062011De Weever said in the letter of May 27, 2011 that Duzanzon sent to government he pointed out that it was upon the insistence of the Dutch Government that this council was established. De Weever said the Corporate Governance Council does not exist anywhere else in the Kingdom except St. Maarten and for him it's a disservice to government. He said when politicians do a good job they re-elected, those that do a bad job are pushed aside.
Therefore, he is of the opinion that the political powers should remain in the hands of the people via the parliament they elect. De Weever broke down the reasons why the council was established. He said if parliament would allow the CGC is to set the guidelines for the dividends from the government owned companies yet they want to be financed by the same companies they are supposed to supervise. He also warned that the council has an advisory role and nothing else. He said the CGC serves to interfere with the day to day running of government and yet they are asking for government to finance them. De Weever then advised Duzanzon to find an advice as to how he could get the Naf. 400,000.00 in his bank just the same way he advises government on other matters. The MP also lashed out at the CGC chairman for the debts they said they created and wants to know who gave them the authority to create debts and expect others to pay it. De Weever then said his advice is to send home parliament and let these CGC and other foundations run the government since they would have nothing to run.
At the end of the central committee meeting, Duzanzon presented the year report of the Corporate Governance Council to the Chairlady of Parliament Gracita Arrindell.
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