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Sep 02nd
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Chucky Creating Havoc in Union Farm --- Residents Say Police too slow.

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omarsmithnelson20032011Dutch Quarter:--- Residents of Union Farm have been criticizing the police for being too slow when called to capture prison escapee Omar Smith better known as Chucky Nelson. A resident of Union Farm who preferred to remain anonymous said on Monday Chucky broke into a house and stole several valuables but when police were called they did not respond immediately.
The elderly woman said the escaped prisoner seems to be staying in a house next to where he committed the robbery. She said when the robber realized he was caught he told the residents that if they thought police would capture him they were wrong. She said Chucky then went to the house where he is staying and jumped on a scooter and left. "When police reached the scene they canvassed the area but the suspect and escaped prisoner was long gone. "I am afraid to be home now and when I am there I have to lock up the house because I am fearful that he will hurt me. That prisoner escaped for a while now and it does not seem as if the police want to capture him" the woman said. Another resident of Middle Region told SMN News that he spotted Chucky in Middle Region and he told police where the man is hiding out but to date nothing was done. The prominent Middle Region resident said that there is a short cut from Middle Region to Dutch Quarter and Chucky uses that route to get from one area to the next.
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