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Sep 05th
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Female Taxi Driver Claims Gender Discrimination by DSTA --Says she was suspended by Board.

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rombleyPointe Blanche: --- A Dutch Taxi Driver Perla Rombley driver of taxi 172 at a sudden press conference told members of the media that she is being harassed by one of the Dutch Taxi Driver Association (DSTA) board member. Rombley identified the board member and colleague as Mathew (Taxi 118). She said on Wednesday when she showed up for work the man practically squeezed her out of the line and allowed another driver to get in front of her. She said after she was squeezed out of the line she went to the back of the line and Mathew called her and told her to come back for her space since he does not play games.
Rombley said at that point the DSTA president asked her if she was late again. She said she explained the president that the last time she was late it was because she had a sick child in the hospital. The woman said her son is still very ill and all she needed is one job a day after which she would return home to care for her child.

Rombley said she took her grievances to the President of the DSTA Mr. Scotty Priest who was on the beach and he told her he was going to call a meeting with her and the board member in question the next day. She said Priest did not give her a time for the meeting and since she had a big number she went to the A. C Wathey Cruise facility at 9 am hoping to be part of the meeting. Rombley said when she reached the pier no one convened any meeting including Priest who was there at the time. She said he joined the line and proceeded to look for a job and when it was her turn Priest approached her and said he cannot work there since the board took a decision to suspend her. The woman said when Priest told her she was suspended she told him that she is entitled to work since she pays her dues every month. She said she even told the president that she felt she was being treated unfairly.

The woman said she believes that there is some level of discrimination going on, asked what type of discrimination she said he hoped it was not against her nationality but felt it was gender discrimination. She further explained that the ‘men' on the DSTA board held a meeting and decided to suspend her without her being present is already discrimination. However, she said she is not aware of other discrimination since she does not mingle with anyone. However, she said on Wednesday morning when she told Priest she was having a problem with taxi driver 118, she said Priest laughed and told her maybe the man likes her. She said Priest did not take her serious enough to take her complaint but whatever, was said during the ‘boys" meeting was serious enough to suspend her.

The woman said she did not get any letter and she does not know why she was suspended and for how long she is suspended. She said the board and taxi dispatchers at the pier refused to give her a job even though she is a Dutch citizen by birth, and member of the DSTA who pays her dues. The woman said even the managing director of the AC Wathey Cruise Facility Mr. Keith Franca told her she cannot create confusion and should move her vehicle. It was then she told Franca she would not leave the pier unless she speaks to the media. Furthermore Rombley said she intends to see a lawyer and would be taking legal actions against the DSTA board. The woman said she could not work for the day while the person she had the problem with was allowed to work as well as the president.

When this reporter contacted Priest he said he does not know what the driver in question said and could not comment. Furthermore, he said if the driver felt she was treated unjustifiably then she has the right to speak out. He further explained that everyone has rules and regulation at their homes, jobs and even in their cars and so does the DSTA. The president said when he sees what is written and felt that he needed to react he would, until then he has nothing to say to the media.
This media house also contacted taxi 118 "Mathew" and he too refused to meet members of the media who was at the pier while he was there. Mathew said he does not know what is the problem and he did nothing wrong to anyone and does not think he needed to speak to the media.
The media representative was also barred from approaching taxi 118. The security at the pier said he was given instructions from the head of security to keep the media in the parking area by the gate.

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