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Apr 20th
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Causeway Swing Bridge Opening Times Announced

SIMPSON BAY:--- In an effort to alleviate traffic on the island, St. Maarten has completed the construction of the new Causeway in Simpson Bay. Situated on the Dutch side of the island, the causeway improves accessibility to Simpson Bay, Princess Juliana International Airport, Cole Bay and Marigot by connecting the airport and the east bank of the Simpson Bay Lagoon. The causeway spans 760 meters and accommodates two lanes of traffic with protected sidewalks on each side, a bicycle track and a swing bridge at its center.

Motorists can enter the causeway via two round-a-bouts, one located at the Airport Road near the end of the runway and the other on Union Road near the border. The causeway's swing bridge allows boats and large yachts to pass side by side through two navigating channels during set opening times. The bridge stands at a height of 6.2 meters when closed and has a width of 23 meters, controlling depth of 6 meters and is VHF channel 12.

Opening 15 minutes apart, the Causeway Swing Bridge also serves as an alternate route in the event that the Simpson Bay Bridge is inaccessible.

The following is a schedule of the Causeway Swing Bridge and Simpson bay Bridge opening times:

Causeway Swing Bridge

  • 8:15 hrs - In & Outbound traffic
  • 9:45 hrs - In & Outbound traffic
  • 10:15 hrs - In & Outbound traffic
  • 11:45 hrs - In & Outbound traffic
  • 15:15 hrs - On Call for In & Outbound traffic
  • 15:45 hrs - In & Outbound traffic
  • 17:15 hrs - In & Outbound traffic

Simpson Bay Bridge

  • 8:30 hrs - Outbound traffic
  • 9:30 hrs - Inbound traffic
  • 10:30 hrs - Outbound traffic
  • 11:30 hrs - Inbound traffic
  • 15:00 hrs - Inbound traffic
  • 16:00 hrs - Outbound traffic
  • 17:00 hrs - Inbound traffic
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 January 2014 23:13 )  
Too much wear and tear. Won't last.
Was on my way to Marigot last evening around 5:45pm, what I saw was anything but relieving traffic congestion. Both lanes on the bridge were full and traffic on the rounbabout ground to a halt. I'm hope that was an anomaly.
I would propose to cut down the numbers of bridge openings of the causeway down to three times a day: morning, midday + evening. The boats and yachts crossing generally that area of the lagoon are not that big and for them it is not that difficult to maneuver through the bridge as in comparison the bigger animals do with passing Simpson Bay bridge. Furthermore, boats north of the causeway can also alternatively get via Sandy Ground to the open waters.
All these opening times under present schedules are causing big time traffic jams for a very huge number of people on our island, many more in numbers than these sailors which usually should be free of any time pressure.
Check out the traffic situation around airport road new round about during late afternoons. It is a complete mess. No noticeable sign of real relief from traffic jam.

You know, it's amazing, Now we have 3 bridges that have to open to appease the boats. I was against the design based on the fact that it had to open not the idea behind the causeway itself. however it's close proximity to the airport did not allow for it to be a higher bridge, one that never had to open, if a sailboat mast was too high, then go all the way around. but the I am happy it is there, it does make a difference, in fact, when it is open, the traffic starts backing up right away. Which says much about how much affect it has on traffic. I was told that even the lighting was kept low by keeping away from light poles. so I guess we got to realize SXM is small, we have natural limitations.