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Oct 07th
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Police Conducted Searches at Home and office of Slain PS Leader Helmin Wiels --- Wiels sent Letter to Curacao’s Government with 31 Questions Regarding UTS and Robbie's Lottery.

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WILLEMSTAD, Curacao:--- Police on Curacao conducted two searches at the home and office of assassinated Member of Parliament, Helmin Wiels. The first search took place on Sunday evening around 10pm just hours after Wiels was shot to death by a lone gunman. Radio Direct reporter Richeron Balentien said that the first search took place on May 5th, 2013 around 10pm at the home of Helmin Wiels while the second search was done the following day May 6th, 2013 at the office of the slain Member of Parliament and Leader of the Pueblo Soberano (PS).

Balentien said that the detectives that are investigating the murder were looking for documents that the late PS leader said he has in possession that would send certain persons to prison. According to Balentien, the late PS leader announced last Friday that he had documents that would implicate the Director of UTS. During the two searches the police seized computers and documents as they continue the investigation. The slain Member of Parliament also dispatched a letter to the Government of Curacao with some 31 questions regarding UTS and Robbie's Lottery.

The letter was sent on behalf of the PS faction of the Parliament of Curacao. The slain MP wanted to know if United Telecommunications Service (UTS) has a permit to sell lottery via mobile phones. He also asked if UTS has authority to use its data system to sell lottery numbers. He further asked if there is any truth to UTS selling numbers through its mobile phone services locally (Curacao) and also on an international level by using the Smartplay number game and the Daily number game.

Helmin Wiels outlined in his letter which is posted beneath this article that persons or companies that are selling lotteries must abide by the laws of Curacao, therefore he wants to know if UTS is acting in accordance with the law and if they were granted a tax exemption from the sale of lottery numbers through mobile phones.

Besides the investigation that is in high gear, Balentien said that the people of Curacao remain in shock and the members of Pueblo Soberano (PS) have been calling on the population to remain calm.

So far police in Curacao have not arrested anyone for the assassination of Helmin Wiels.

Click here to view the letter the late PS Leader Helmin Wiels sent to the Government of Curacao regarding the operations of UTS and Robbie's Lottery.

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