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Oct 08th
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RBC, a banking nightmare with all decision makers now residing off shore...

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The audacity of RBC to in September 12, 2013's Herald acknowledge THEIR incorrect application of the 1% license fee since June 1 of 2013 and now in their first public statement after apparently wrongfully deducting thousands of dollars from their entire client base, RBC's Market Head for the Dutch Caribbean, Patricia Borger wants us to report "any suspicions we may have" so that RBC could reimburse any "wrongful" application. In other words, instead of reversing all the 1% license fee charges to their clients' accounts since implementing their messed up new software on June 1, 2013 and then going back and correctly charging the fee MANUALLY where it is legally and correctly applicable, the new RBC Head Office geniuses (all the locally based RBC bank officials are "pleading the 5th" and directing the SXM clients' queries to their Area Vice President Russell KOPKE) want us to do their research work and then report back to them. I totally agree with another writer of a Letter to the Editor on this subject in the Herald of September 12, 2013, Ms. Barbara Dobson Platteel in that it is bad enough that RBC is (and I paraphrase here) is ripping us off, let alone instructing us to go check our accounts and then come claim by them. Who is going to pay for our expertise and time spent trying to figure out how and to what extent RBC's screw-up is affecting each of our businesses' and/or personal accounts? Our businesses have used what is now the RBC bank since it started as the St. Maarten Commercial Bank many years ago; until the RBC take-over, we were quite satisfied with their service. Unfortunately this is no longer the case, for more reasons than one.....

Michael J. Ferrier

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