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Sep 17th
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They Have a Right.

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Dear Mr. Editor:

If we truly want to make St. Maarten a better place for our children and grandchildren, letters to the Herald's Editor like the one in Sept 11th's edition under the caption "They have a right to" should become a thing of the past and so should graffiti like the one on the Government Building wall yesterday (thankfully removed by those in charge of Government Facilities). The non-indigenous born-to-be-here St. Maarteners (including me) are here to stay. Let's all get along. Many of us came here as young children and instead of hiding behind excuse after excuse for failure, as many do today, we grabbed opportunities that we were presented with, worked our "tails" off and certainly made the best lemonade out of any lemons life threw at us. I am proud to be one of "the locals that ran Mullet Bay when it was the Flagship of the Caribbean", together with greats like Lou Peters, Keith Franca, Vernon Jacobs, Zephanie and Pedro Fleming, Olga Williams, Bobby Bouwer, the late Robert James, Clarice and Vilma Hodge, James Richardson, the late James (Fats) Hughes, Alphonso Danny David, Pedro Koeiman, the late Louis Wescott, Minder Rismay, Delphine David, the late Joe Brooks and many, many others, a fabulous mixture of Born-Here and Born-to-be-Here St. Maarteners, who never questioned "where we were from". Some did very well, most did quite well, some did satisfactorily and some did not do so well for a variety of reasons. As St. Maarten started to become a player on the world stage, many of the "indigenous" families sold their land, their houses, their properties to some of the same Indians and Guyanese of which this "concerned citizen", (who not-so-bravely asks for his/her name to be withheld) now says "They don't have a right..".
If we are to become a great little country, we had better learn to respect, tolerate and embrace each other. None of us must ever accept to be treated like a second class citizen, especially here in our "own" country, but we should certainly stop blaming all others for what may be our own shortcomings. And let us make a concerted effort to expose those unscrupulous ones amongst us that take advantage of those that are most vulnerable. Keeping employees on repeated short term contracts and paying them the minimum wage is abuse, plain and simple. Everyone has the right...... to a decent life, to a roof over their head, to three square meals a day and to be respected.

Michael J. Ferrier.

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How to Actualize Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's "21st Century Security Concept" By Dr. David Leffler

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How to Actualize Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's

Huang Jin Bianji reports in his insightful and well written People's Daily article "Chinese FM calls for new security concept to ensure lasting peace in Asia" that "Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for a security concept for the 21st century so as to ensure the long-lasting peace and security of Asia." Mister Wang Yi desires "consultation and dialogue." "He calls for "win-win cooperation rather than zero-sum game." The article also reports that Minister Wang Yi asked for all parties to "to seek for peaceful resolutions through negotiation and consultation based on international law, norms governing international relations and historical facts."

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's lofty goals for an ideal security concept for the 21st century are realistic and attainable, but not with current defense strategies of diplomacy and force of arms.
An ideal level of security for the globe is only attainable with a far more advanced military technology, known as "Invincible Defense Technology" (IDT).
This IDT approach to defense has its basis in a radically new approach - reducing individual and national stress. Its methods have been proven and adopted as part of the training of America's future commanders at Norwich University, and has been field-tested by other militaries. It is validated by 23 peer-reviewed studies carried out in both developed and developing nations.

IDT is totally unlike any other defense technology because it goes directly to the root cause of violence - the stress in the individual and collective consciousness. High levels of collective societal stress are the underlying cause of all war, violence, crime and terrorism. When the IDT methodology is applied stress levels throughout the population are reduced.
In an environment of lowered stress even staunch adversaries find ways to work together, cooperate and overcome long-standing differences.
IDT - Using the Transcendental Meditation® and advanced TM-Sidhi program to create a Prevention Wing of the Military.

The IDT soldier's daily routine includes the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and its advanced TM-Sidhi program. As a societal coherence-creating military unit, they practice these technologies of consciousness twice a day, seven days a week, to create an invincible level of orderliness for their nation.
This invincible orderliness prevents the outburst of violence and other forms of social disorderliness - crime, terrorism, insurgency, and war. This is the professional career of members of the IDT Prevention Wing of the Military.
Rapid Transformation to Peace, Progress and Prosperity with the IDT Approach

Such coherence-creating groups have achieved positive benefits to society, shown statistically, in even just 48 hours.
The IDT approach has been used during wartime, resulting in reduction of fighting and in number of deaths and casualties, and in progress toward resolving the conflict peacefully. Societies applying IDT perform extremely well in a very short time. This is what decreased the intensity of war in Lebanon in 1983 in a dramatic way in 48 hours, to name only one of the successful experiments. (See a summary of the Israel study published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution and summaries of follow-up studies in the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality and the Journal of Scientific Exploration).

Documented Transformation in Mozambique

In 1992, the Mozambique military carefully analyzed the IDT research and decided to apply it. As predicted, violence disappeared by 1993 and Mozambique became more self-sufficient. The economic growth reached 19%. Once the poorest world country in 1992, by 2000, it had moved up to be the world's fastest-growing economy. Former Mozambique President Joaquim Alberto Chissano, who learned Transcendental Meditation himself, introduced it to his cabinet and then the armed forces. 19 years of civil war and drought ended and President Chissano is the first to give credit to IDT for this effect.
Mozambique continues to be a shining star for Africa and a model for development. President Chissano was awarded the inaugural Ibrahim Prize in recognition of the unprecedented positivity that manifested throughout Mozambique under his wise guidance.


Albert Einstein is famously quoted as saying, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Using violence to quell violence ultimately just ratchets up the spiral of violence. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is wise to voice an end to repeating the same old cycle of violence. He now has the chance to achieve his goals, but only through a truly innovative approach: Chinese military implementation of IDT to create real lasting peace and prosperity.
When the Chinese military adopts IDT it will become even more powerful and respected worldwide because it will introduce to humanity a humane and non-violent means to create international law and order, not through fear-based methods, but through peaceful means.
IDT defense technology supersedes all other known defense technologies (which are based on electronic, chemical, and/or nuclear forces). These fear-based modalities are ultimately self-destructive for any nation and must be replaced with IDT, the only known and proven constructive approach.
IDT creates genuine and lasting reconciliation and friendship in the place of hatred and conflict. The military that deploys this powerful human-resource-based technology disallows negative trends and prevents enemies from arising, and as a result, it has no enemies.
A lasting global peace is easily obtainable if Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi establishes Prevention Wings of the Chinese Military. They will ease high tensions, reverse centuries of mistrust and hatred and permanently prevent future unrest.
Extensive scientific research is empirically shows, "Yes, the approach works."

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Dear Editor,
Would you be so kind to publish this letter on your well -read website. First I want to thank SMN News for the hard work they have been doing in informing the people of St. Maarten/ St. Martin.
SMN News is the only that chose to expose what Leona Marlin was doing to the leader of the USp Frans Richardson who knew exactly what Leona Romeo Marlin is all about. Richardson and Marlin was on the National Alliance list so Frans Richardson know exactly who he was dealing with.
Mrs. Romeo Marlin, you stated on Friday during the press conference that you are a woman with INTEGRITY and a professional, Mrs. Romeo which person with integrity would use a convicted murderer as her campaign manager? Which woman that has integrity and calls herself a professional would bad mouth her party leader when you told several people that you cannot be on a list with Frans Richardson because he is a dummy and stupid, that Frans Richardson cannot speak proper English and that your mission is to take away the leadership of the USp from Frans Richardson. Mrs. Romeo everyone that you told this to find you to be an "OPPORTUNIST" not a person of INTEGRITY or PROFESSIONAL. Everyone that has to deal with you at the Civil Registry knows of your arrogance and boldness.
Mrs. Romeo Marlin, you made a statement on Friday that "today you are being thrown to the wolves but when you come back, you will be leading the pack. Were you telling Frans Richardson in parables that in 2018 you will be the leader of the USp? We need to know Mrs. Marlin Romeo?
Furthermore, I need to remind you that you said on Oral Gibbs show that you are only responsible for the 245 persons that voted for you, Friday you thanked those persons also. Mrs. Marlin Romeo I need you to know that you need to thank the system and the fools that wrote the law, because the quota to get elected was 907 votes, you Leona Marlin Romeo did not get half of that. So you need to know you became a Member of Parliament because of the votes the other candidates on the USp slate. Most of all the system allows you to get in because of the residual seat that was allotted to the Usp. You said you studied political science but somehow you skip the real facts. The owner of SMN News asked you some strong questions we the voters of St. Maarten need the answers to those questions Mrs. Marlin Romeo because you did not answer none of them except to admit you were having internal issues with Frans Richardson. Just so you know I am one of the 245 that voted for you, but I don't trust you anymore. You are no better that the greedy politicians that seek public office to enrich yourself. Just know Mrs. Marlin Romeo I am waiting for the answers. The bullshit you told the media on Friday is not what I want to hear.

A proud St. Maarten Voter.

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What has become of the Democratic Party?

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Dear Editor,

After reading certain statements made in the media by representatives of the Democratic Party of St. Maarten this week, I had to express my feelings and believes to those same representatives and the fellow members and supporters of the Democratic Party.
First of all let me congratulate the public of St. Maarten for coming out on August 29th and voting for their candidate of choice. It was evident that this election, voters voted for candidates and not parties.
On August 29th, the supporters of the Democratic Party sent crystal clear messages to the leader of the Democratic Party and its board. The supporters are happy with the DP's attempt to rejuvenate and rebuild the party by adding persons like Cornie, Emil, Cookie, Geerlings and Hasani to their list of candidates. Congratulations to these candidates and their teams. A job well done! The time has come for young dynamic fresh blood to enter the political arena and make a contribution to their country.
Having said that, the amount of seats the current leader of the DP and the only Prime Minister our young country has had so far, was less than all other party leaders who got seats in Parliament.
Now, as a human being, I can understand the disappointment. After all, it was a long and hard campaign. However, never did I expected the leader of the DP and more importantly the Prime Minister of St. Maarten, in her congratulatory speech to the public and the parties as leader of the DP, to speak about "not wanting to offend anyone" and "true votes" when referring to the amount of votes DP received on Friday August 29th.
Is the Democratic Party such a sore looser that we now are referring to votes other parties received as not being "true votes"? What are we then insinuating? Were the votes, we received in 2010 not "true votes"? Are the votes that the UPP, USP and NA received this election not "true votes"? And if that is the case, how is it that we the DP, knowing that those parties did not receive "true votes", that we are now forming a government with two of these parties? What does that say about our integrity? Is this how Democratic Party members react to disappointing election results?
If that wasn't enough, Mike Ferrier on behalf of the DP, sent out a press release on September 3rd, in which he categorically denounces the decision of the current Minister of Economic Affairs to lift the moratorium on car rental permits. Now, regardless of whether or not you agree with the decision of the current Minister of TEATT, how is it possible that the DP is already meddling in other coalition members' portfolios, while government still needs to be formed officially? At this rate this new government will fall before it governs.
Don't we as a party have more important priorities then focusing on other coalition members' portfolios? Shouldn't we be analyzing the results of the election? Shouldn't we be focusing on our two portfolios which are Health and Justice? Shouldn't we be looking at ways to put the young politicians who received clear support from the voters, in key positions so they can start preparing to take over the leadership of the Democratic Party? Why is it that Mike Ferrier is making public statements on behalf of the party while on August 29th, the DP supporters sent a clear statement to the party leader and its
board, indicating that they want young energetic persons to represent DP? Why aren't Cornie, Emil, Perry, Cookie or better yet, why isn't the President of the DP Board Hasani Ellis speaking on behalf of the party?
When will we give young people a chance? When will we listen to the voters?

A concerned and disappointed DP supporter

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