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If You Drink Beer You Contribute to Sint Maarten’s Environmental Problems.

Dear Editor,

I enjoy drinking beer. Nothing beats coming up from a dive doing research in the Marine Park or after a long day in the office, ordering an ice-cold beer, and downing it in just a few swallows. I also enjoy beer because it is in my genes, with my father being Belgian I have no choice, and I enjoy the complexity of flavors, the variety, the history and the camaraderie that goes into having a few beers with friends. I do not enjoy the headache the following morning when a few turns into too many.
Unfortunately, on Sint Maarten, this enjoyment of beer is not guilt free, and by having a cold one after working in the sun for a long time I am contributing to the growing environmental issues on Sint Maarten.

With every cold brew I, and my fellow beer drinkers both resident and visiting, and there are a lot of us, am helping to compound the solid waste issue already critical on the island. Every year tons of glass from beer bottles, and other bottles not to mention are being dumped in our landfill, growing it in size and contributing to the environmental impact it is having on our nature as well as the health issues it causes to our population. Unrecycled and untreated glass causes harm to wildlife as well as helps with the famous fires on the Philipsburg Landfill, the glass refracting and magnifying the sun and contributing to setting the dump on fire.

We are a tourism destination and some estimates suggest that during the peak of high season, including on a day when there are numerous ship in port and considering some of the waste from the French Side being dumped on the Dutch Side (which is ironic since they do recycle glass) some half a ton of empty beer bottles are deposited on the landfill alone. This again highlights what the Nature Foundation and other environmental organizations have been calling for so long; a government supported and subsidized recycle program which makes sorting and recycling garbage mandatory. The two voluntary recycling bins in two neighborhoods are simply not enough.

The solution is not difficult, and we may have to partner with our neighboring islands to find it, but we need to do what we can to solve our issues on the island and not be lulled into the dangerous complacency that so often affects us.
And I look forward to that one day, on our island gem in the Caribbean sea, drinking an ice-cold beer completely guilt free and with the knowledge that I am not contributing to the environmental challenges of Sint Maarten.

Tadzio Bervoets
Narrow Road #45
Cole Bay
+1 721 5864588

Stop teaching children Rape Culture.

The Hon. International Court of Justice,

Requesting to all governments to close all the porn websites from servers/clouds/ satellites.

Major Reasons>
It increases the rate of crime in the world. Watcher does not understand the relationship. It promotes HIV/AID positive in the world. Also, promote dangerous disease. It is destroying the career of young mass. People are converted into liabilities. It’s developing unethical things in the world. It develops the wrong attitude. It promotes divorce. It develops homo-sex and lesbians. Gender forgets about humanity. Because of it the divorce percentage is increasing.

If the world is thinking that it’s a good thing >
Why not promote it in television channel? Why they are not been advertised. Why they are not been shown in school to the children. If we are thinking that it’s the main factor for entertainment then it should be promoted and should show first in all entertainment programme.

Population has been increased more than 4 times since last 100 years and if we know this why we are promoting these things.

These sites are not only come under anti-child-pornography laws but also these sites come under anti-elder-pornography laws, I mean it also effects elders.

If children are watching porn web sites, they will rape elders. And if elders watching these sites then they will rape children.

Live sites (club or pub or etc) are different from these telecasting sites. Only a few people are able to attend & maybe it their local culture/fashion. And it’s not able to affect the other sites of the world.

I understand, there is list of public outdoor clothes-free areas for recreation. Includes free beaches (or clothing-optional beaches or nude beaches), parks, clubs, regional organizations and some resorts. They are not harming the whole world because these areas are not live telecasting to the whole world.

No use of IP blockage. Anything which is blocked, one day it will open by some people and it will spread like a virus to human society. So it’s necessary to kill the virus from root level.

In porn sites, genders are not nude; they are in actions to tempting/ approaching/ appealing for sex to.......

Sex never satisfies any one forever. It’s like a deep well, which never end his deepness.

It is dangerous for everyone for children or adult.

Due to these sites, we are destroying the true love and attracted towards physical love. Is it possible to except peace from our society?

As we all know, due to vast communication network in this world, every web sites are easily available any corner of world. So do we want to promote this virus to whole world?

Can a father and daughter or brother and sister or mother and son watch this jointly?

Are we not awareness for our next generation?

Thanking You Sir,
Sanjay Kumar Patnaik,
CC to > United Nation, Government of World, thousands of English Newspapers/ channel, world-top magazines.

“Only governments are able to change this world”


Dear sir/madam
On behalf of the students of the National Institute for Professional Advancement, we are writing this letter to lodge a formal complaint regarding students concerns against the board’s instability to keep the school drama and incident free. Students are stressed out about the issues, we are supposed to be focusing on our final exams scheduled for early July but instead we have to doing this. NIPA is known for professional advancement this behavior is far from professional. This story has been out for the past three weeks and how is it possible that the minister of education can publicly state that she does not know about the situation going on at NIPA. Not to make things personal but her daughter is a teacher at NIPA, so she must have an idea of what’s going on. The Minister seems to be taking sides and in turn not neglecting her duties and respecting the oaths taken to function in her role.
In the meeting with the board Mr. Antonio Aventurin said that he would be Interim Director and be running the school along with Mr Garfield. Mr. Garfield has been known for misleading students with false promises pertaining to classes and being disrespectful to us as well, like shouting “GET OUT” of my office.
We have a teacher Miss F. with years of experience and knowledge that been with us for a year now, who gives us lectures everyday and explains us everything, project and assignments and she is very supportive to us in general and we can go to her with any problem. She is not only our Instructor; she is also like a mother and a mentor.
On the next hand we have a new Teacher Miss N. who has only a year experience and don’t give no lectures and seems afraid to talk in front the class so she just gives us assignments that really makes no sense, while she leaves the class and sits in the office until class is over. This teacher also takes school issues and discusses it with third parties outside the school (her mother who is the minister) and her mother then confronts the parents of the students in her defense. This is very wrong and unprofessional.
Many of us have tried NIPA in the pass and left due to the previous issues. Now we have returned in hopes that things have gotten better and look at the chaos again today. Does anyone care for the students? Some of the students are young adults with children who are using the institute as a second chance, at getting an education. What will happen for the next school year? All of NIPA’s staff has issues with the way things are done there but they seem afraid to stand to have a voice. Something needs to be done about the in justice that has been taking placing this has been going on for far too long. From the opening of NIPA up to this day it’s always something taking place that is tarnishing the image of the institute. The school has become Ghost town since the loss of Mrs. Maccow.
The 1st year cook students have not returned to school since the removal of Mrs Maccow and they will not complete the course due to the instability. The Maritime students are all broken and in doubt because their professor (Mr Korteknie) contract has been halted abruptly and they have not been informed about how they will even proceed, have exams or even have classes.
The third year students of the Care Program requested a meeting with the board but were denied. Only three students were allowed to meet with the board to discuss their grievances but only the assistant director’s two nieces and their best friends were chosen to do so in order to cover up and conspire. The Board is running this school right into the ground and the minister wrote on Facebook under another board members page that she will support he Chairman of the board whether he does wrong or right, we have printed these comments out also. Is that the way a minister deals with issues that fall under her portfolio, in a manner of gossip and friendship politics????? We the students of NIPA feel doomed; it feels like hell has broken loose since the departure of our Director Mrs Maccow. Since speaking out in the media we feel like we are being watched at school and victimized by a teacher with ties to the board and minister, and if this continues we will be forced to act out of character and risk expulsion. We just want to fight for our future and a healthy learning environment.

Written on behalf of the following students:

RN/LPN Year 1
RN’s year 3
Cooks Year 1
Maritime Program


Dear Editor,

Who would have thought that when in 1961 Capt. Georges E. GREAUX, an adventurous St. Barth owner/pilot of a small 5 seat Piper Apache airplane approached and convinced colleague St. Barth pilot Hypolyte (Faustin) Ledee and St. Maarten business friend Chester Wathey to start up WINDWARD ISLANDS AIRWAYS INTERNATIONAL (WINAIR), the airline would not only survive the next 56 years but THRIVE and continue to grow in 2017! Newest routes added just last Saturday, June 3, 2017 are SXM – HAITI and SXM – CURACAO, utilizing MD-83 jet aircraft under a so-called ACMI arrangement with PAN AMERICAN WORLD AIRWAYS DOMINICANA (PAWA). For 56 years WINAIR’s lights have been kept on by its unbelievably tenacious and dedicated employees headed subsequently by Managing Directors Capt. Georges Greaux, Rob Volgers, Robert Cors, Erwin Romer, Sydney de Weever, Eugene Holiday, John Strugnell, Capt. Edwin Hodge and now Michael Cleaver (CEO) and Roberto Gibbs (CFO). Overseen and supported by a lean 3 man Supervisory Board headed by Capt. Greaux’s son, Georges Greaux Jr., WINAIR has to-date outlived airlines like ALM, Air ARUBA, Air BVI, ANTILLES AIRBOATS, CARIBAIR, CARDINAL AIR, CARIBBEAN STAR, CARIBBEAN SUN, DAE, DCA, EASTERN AIRLINES, EXECUTIVE AIRLINES (AMERICAN EAGLE), PRINAIR, SEA & SUN AIRLINES. TIARA AIR, VIASA and others I cannot recall right now. And all the while with NO cash injections by ANY of its various Government owners. So INSEL, instead of whining about OUR National Airline, FOCUS on what you want for yourself and do the best for the CURACAO hub you operate out of. In the meantime, we Windward Islanders are immensely proud of and grateful for the foresight of Capt. GEORGE EMILIEN GREAUX and his partners and are convinced that for a long time to come WINAIR WILL TAKE US THERE!

Michael J. Ferrier

United Tenants Association reacts to statements of BHOTA representative..

1) The Board of the Sint Maarten Housing Development Foundation,
2) The Council of Supervisory Directors of the Sint Maarten Housing Development Foundation
Sint Maarten
Sint Maarten, June 4th, 2017
Dear Board members and members of the Council of Supervisory Directors of the Sint Maarten Housing Development Foundation,
With shocking amusement and bewilderment many residents at Belvedere yesterday, Saturday, June 3rd have read the press statement in the newspaper The Daily Herald, supposedly on behalf of the Belvedere HomeOwners and Tenants Association (BHOTA) stating that " effective immediately Mr. Elston Fos no longer was its representative" and that BHOTA " soon will have a new representative on the Sint Maarten Housing Development Foundation" .

Shocked, bewildered and amused because for various years now BHOTA has been completely dormant, without organizing any activity for its members or others.

After the expiration of the term of its last elected Board not any report about its management has been provided to its membership and no new Board has been elected according to its Constitution, thus, for years now leaving it without any legal representation.

The only visible sign said Board has left among its members regarding its "management" are negative, like apparent autonomous tax and other debts and frustration because its non-activity.

Out of frustration because of the flagrant lack of responsibility demonstrated by those who, without any legal or moral base, now are pretending to act on behalf of the tenants and owners at Belvedere a representative group of serious legal residents have taken the initiative and have duly established a new association, "United Tenants Association" to attend to their interests, not only for the residents at Belvedere but also in other districts on Sint Maarten.

Referring to the Articles of Incorporation of your Sint Maarten Housing Development Foundation and also the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code we hereby, considering the abovementioned would like to request the Council of Supervisory Directors of mentioned Foundation to abstain from cooperating with the eventual illegal proposals made by the (non-existent) "Board" of the BHOTA to have a new member of your Council appointed based on the request submitted to your Board on behalf of referred to non-existent Board of BHOTA.

We hereby also hereby request to have a meeting with the Board and the Council of Supervisory Directors of your Foundation, at your earliest convenience, to elaborate on the abovementioned.

Thanking you for your understanding of this very urgent matter and your cooperation we remain,

on behalf of the United Tenants Association,

Ms. Alida D, Brown,

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