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Aug 31st
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Union Pour les Progres to Abstain from Run Off Election --- Will not support or form alliance with the two remaining parties.

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louisconstantfleming11112010Marigot:--- Leader of the Union pour les Progres Louis Constant Fleming has decided to respect the wish of the people shown on Sunday. In a press release, Constant Fleming said that his party will remain vigilant but they have decided not to form any alliance neither support any of the two parties that will be participating in Sunday's run-off election.
Below is the press release issued by the President of the Union pour les Progres Louis Constant Fleming.

The results of the territorial elections of March 18, 2012, expresses clearly the will for a change of governance by the people of Saint-Martin.
The Union for Progress (UP) list hereby takes act of this expression, and considers consequently that it is not useful to exercise the option of maintaining its list for the runoff scheduled next Sunday, March 25.
We hereby sincerely thank all the electors who went to the polls last Sunday to exercise their voting right, and more so those who placed their confidence in the UP Party.
As far as the second round is concerned, since the values and the ideas of the UP Party are not represented within the two lists that remain, we shall abstain from any alliance and/or support.
Any association or shown support of any of the UP candidates, members, or even supporters with one of the remaining lists shall solely engage their individual responsibility and in no case the party's.
In the same way, we shall not be giving any direction as where to vote.
We are counting, as we have always counted, on the responsibility and the conscience of the electors so that this coming Sunday they shall take the decision that will do the less harm to the people and the future of Saint-Martin.
The UP Party, now a well structured political party, will remain vigilant and attentive to all the decisions and measures that will be taken in the future by the new territorial council.
As Senator of Saint-Martin, I will be at the disposition of the future Territorial Council to support and relay their propositions and their requests that would be in the general interest and the development of Saint-Martin.

Louis-Constant FLEMING
Senator of Saint-Martin
President of UP Party
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