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Oct 07th
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Police Radio Found Among Robbery Suspect’s Belongings --- Internal Investigation Underway --- Reliable Sources.

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Philipsburg:--- SMN News has been reliably informed that police recovered one of their radios while searching the home of one of the main robbery suspects last week. SMN News learnt that police made the startling discovery when they were searching the home of one of their colleagues last week Wednesday. The police radio, they said, was found among the belongings of B.H. while they also found a firearm in his car.
They said that while their colleague did not report his radio missing or lost they are at loss as to how the suspect got hold of a police radio which enabled him to monitor the movement of law enforcement officers. The source said that the investigating officers are now busy investigating to find out which of their officers might have been assisting the culprits to evade police. "I think they are trying to see if the suspect ever went to see his father or any other officer and stole the radio while in their office, or if any officer among them is assisting the suspect by providing him with a police radio. Besides the investigation into the robberies, the police are also investigating themselves."
SMN News learnt that the police was not even aware that one of their radios was missing and the discovery has shocked them all.
Police arrested two suspects early last week Wednesday morning after a long investigation. Police focused on the two suspects after three jewelry stores were robbed on Front Street. On the night of their arrest, it is understood that the two culprits were planning to rob another store when police decided to move in. So far, the police and prosecutor's office remain tightlipped on the ongoing investigation.
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