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Senator Louis-Constant FLEMING Endorses Guillaume Arnell --- Says St. Martin needs to have its majority in the Deputy, Senatorial, and Presidential Level.

louisconstantfleming11112010Marigot:--- Senator Louis Constant Fleming made an appeal to his supporters who supported the UP Candidate last Saturday during the legislative elections to come out this Saturday and vote for Guillaume Arnell. Jacques Hamlet postulated for the legislative elections as a UP candidate but he did not get sufficient votes to be part of the run off election this Saturday. Constant Fleming said the people voted for a change in all levels and St. Martin must have a majority in all levels of the French Government. Below is the press release issued by Senator Fleming.


My dear People,

Following the first round of our Legislative elections, and taking into account the results locally and on the national level, it is my duty as a Parliamentarian and especially as your Senator to give you my opinion and my vision as to what our future representation in the National Assembly should be.
The results of our recent territorial elections clearly showed that the population had withdrawn their confidence from the incumbent team that managed our Collectivity from 2007 to 2012 and called for a change.
As a Leader who has always put Country above Self, I do not oppose Change, and I profoundly respect the expression of Democracy.
This change is today carried out locally by President Alain RICHARDSON and his Majority.
This will of change has been carried out also on the national level in the recent Presidential elections and will with no doubt be concluded next Sunday by the change of majority in the National Assembly for the upcoming five years.
The choice that we have in front of us, outside of the fact that this election is historic, is important for the future of Saint Martin and has to take into account our specificities and our realities.
Contrary to what some may think, my concern here is not about human or political factors, it is about the general interest and what is good for Saint-Martin.
In first instance, Saint-Martin needs to be able to enjoy a collaborative functioning of its parliamentarians for the legislative performance to continue.
Our Organic Law that created our status as an Overseas Collectivity of France was originally drafted by the State services and still needs to be improved.
As your Senator, I have already had voted 2 organic laws to improve our competencies. New organic laws will be necessary and will be initiated by the present territorial council : our deputy must be part of the new majority in the National Assembly.
Besides the legislative work that has to be done, other issues will require joint work and strong actions, by our two parliamentarians. The renegotiation of the compensation of charges, the global "dotation" per inhabitant and the role of the State services are some of the major issues that will have to be dealt with.
In view of this upcoming situation, it is very important that our future Deputy be part of the Territorial Majority and fully implicated in the running of the Collectivity and also in phase with the decisions of the Majority of the Territorial Council.

I have already had the opportunity to work with Guillaume ARNELL when we were General Councilors representing Saint Martin in the General Council of Guadeloupe.
I am sure, that like me, he will continue to fight for Saint Martin to have its own Deputy, because the differences between the two islands are so great, and if we did not realize this before, this legislative electoral campaign, with all its confusion, has clearly confirmed this.
I am appealing to your sense of reality, the reality that guides us in times of crisis.
This is not about a person, this is about SAINT MARTIN!
Saint Martin needs to have a Deputy who is part of the Local, Presidential, Senatorial majority, and who will be part of the new majority in the National Assembly.
This Deputy is Guillaume ARNELL.
I am hereby asking all of my people to come out and make the choice of Saint-Martin by voting for Guillaume ARNELL on Saturday, June 16th.

St. Martin, June 11, 2012

Louis-Constant FLEMING
Senator of Saint-Martin

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