Two Surprising Jackpot wins with Lucky Pick and the Caribbean Lottery.

lotterywinners05032021PHILIPSBURG:--- Two Caribbean Lottery players were surprised to hit the Lucky Pick jackpot just days apart, recently.

For the first winner, K. Amanda Blijden, Saturday morning started off like any other day. She got up and checked her tickets online with the intention to purchase more tickets for the upcoming 3 days is customary.

After reviewing the winning numbers with her mother that morning, in disbelief, she whispered to herself, “Oh My God, I WON”. She had struck the jackpot and today is $37,006 richer.

Mrs. Blijden has been playing the same numbers daily for a while. Although she got 4 of the 5 numbers sixteen times, she was never lucky enough before to have hit the jackpot.

Mrs. Blijden purchased her Lucky Pick ticket at the Caribbean Lottery’s retail agent at Healthy Upkeep.

“I have been playing the Lucky Pick game for years as it is my favorite game. I will definitely continue playing as I got my eye on the Super Lotto Jackpot!” said the ecstatic winner.

Another surprising win came later for Caribbean Lottery player, E.L. who also hit the jackpot in the Lucky Pick game. After purchasing his ticket at Hong Xing Supermarket, E.L. doubted his chance of winning, noting that someone had won the jackpot only a few days before. However, he is now walking away from the happy winner of $31,500.

“After hearing that the Lucky Pick Jackpot had just been won less than a week ago in St. Maarten, I figured that my luck had run out. I got the urge the next day and decided to still take my chances and purchase my same numbers as customary. I am very happy that I followed my gut feeling,” said E.L.

He explained that he is even more grateful for the win as it will help him to climb out of his current financial difficulties.

“It’s a great feeling and I am very thankful for this win,” said the overjoyed winner. “It will assist with my financial strain.”
Ms. Paula Williams, Site Operations Manager at the Caribbean Lottery, congratulated the surprised winners: “At the Caribbean Lottery, we are always happy when a player hits the jackpot and we congratulate Mrs. Blijden and E.L. on finally reaching their goal. We wish them more success in the future.”
Both jackpot winners encourage other players to keep playing and not to give up because, as Mrs. Blijden said, “Your day too will come.”