EXCLUSIVE: SZV lost over $1M through Phishing Scam.

cartyfelisie15032019~Director of SZV Glen Carty protecting CFO Elton Felisie. ~

PHILIPSBURG: --- The Social Insurance Bank USZV recently lost over $1M due to what they claim was done by an international phishing scam.
SMN News has been reliably informed that the Chief Financial Officer Elton Felisie who is almost ICT illiterate opened several suspicious emails and compromised the company’s financial information while giving other employees in the financial department instructions to sign off and make the wire transfers. The source alleges that the Director of SZV Glen Carty and CFO Elton Felisie are “best buddies” and they protect each other at all cost while trying to cast the blame on other staff members. Some SZV staffers said Carty and Felisie have been plundering the funds at SZV and they are now wondering if the financial transactions that were made are indeed a phishing scam or whether these were purposeful wire transfers.
SVZ recently sent out a press release warning other businesses about the phishing scam, they also stated that complaints were filed with law enforcement authorities locally and internationally. However, the staff members that are being accused and blamed for the transactions said they believe its time local authorities step foot inside of SZV and begin investigating due to the mismanagement that has been taking place over the years threatening the funds at SZV that are now in red.
The staffers further alleged that SZV top heads are involved in questionable business especially in the Dominican Republic and Colombia where they approve referrals. “People in here are getting kick-backs from these referrals and it’s the residents that are contributing to SZV funds are suffering. There will come a time when healthcare will be threatened since there will be no money to pay for it. “SZV money is going down and no one in government is looking into this, in fact, the Minister in charge is bleeding SZV so he could get his pet project off the ground. We are also questioning the role of the Inspectorate of Health, and the Inspector General Dr. Earl Best since he is fully aware of the illegalities and he already indicated that an audit was coming on the referral department, but that promise was made since 2015. Here we are 4 years later and no audit.”

Files Disappearing for large companies while local companies and its employees are victimized.

Another issue the staffer's highlight is the disappearance of several files belonging to large companies. “They claim that files are disappearing, and the information submitted to SZV by the large companies were not entered in the data system. Now management that are friends with some of the companies are saying that they will check to see which of the staff of SZV is affiliated with the companies and if any is found then those staff members will be fired. Personally, we do not have a problem with that but those in management that are protecting these large companies should be the ones fired first.” Some of these large companies owes SZV in excess of NAF1M.
They said several smaller companies owned by local entrepreneurs have become victims of SZV since management decided these local companies must be audited. Management claims these local companies are committing fraud and thus they ordered the internal auditor Marvel Hooi to conduct investigations. There are some companies that are under the so-called audit or investigation for over two years now while their staff cannot obtain a medical card. “This is wrong there are companies that are being operated by one person and these people are paying their dues to SZV and their families, yet they cannot get a medical card for their children or partners.”
The staffers that are at their wit's end said politicians on St. Maarten especially some Members of Parliament are protecting the Director of SZV Glen Carty and he grants them special favors.
The staffers further stated that the Supervisory Board members of SZV are bought out since they were all appointed by politicians. Chairlady of the board Sharine Daniel came under fire as they said Daniel is interested in the Director’s position, she applied for but was blocked by Minister of VSA Emil Lee. “Daniel has been on the Supervisory Board for while and to date she has not done anything in the interest of SZV even though Daniel is an internal auditor at another Government Owned Company. We are not questioning her abilities if she was given the promised position, but one must ask what she has done for SZV while being the chair of the Supervisory Board. We want to know if these Supervisory Board members will be held accountable by the authorities if and when an investigation takes place.

Who owns LabCo and why it is not registered locally?

Further allegations against the Director of SZV Glen Carty states that he ordered SZV not to pay Alpha Healthcare whom they owe over $100,000.00 while a new company sprang up and are given exclusive business from SZV. The owner of Alpha Healthcare had no choice but to take legal action against SZV for nonpayment.
SMN News learned that la LabCo is not registered on St. Maarten but it is connected directly to Medi Cosmetics, both companies are located behind PDG warehouse in Cole Bay. Chamber of Commerce St. Maarten said the company is not registered locally.
It is further understood that SZV thru Carty began giving exclusive referrals to LabCo as of October 2018 while the tendering was done in December 2018.
The source said that someone in the top management of SZV is connected to LabCo and the list from Alpha Healthcare was given to the new unregistered company so they could bring in the same stocks as Alpha Healthcare putting the legally registered company out of business.