Sandy Ground Residents Protesting, district on lock down as gendarmes swarm the area.

Local Yellow Vests Group takes action.

 sandygroundprotest19122018Sandy Ground:--- Residents of Sandy Ground has locked down the district beginning early Wednesday morning as they began protesting all the ills facing them. Poort reconstruction since the passing of hurricane Irma, the high cost of living, the lack of documentation pertaining to the land occupied by Sandy Ground residents over the years are some of the issues they highlighted.

The representative of the Sandy Ground Community Council Cedric Andre is heading the protest which they said is a copycat of the Yellow Vests in France.
Basically, the protestors are calling on their elected representatives to better represent them and to get the island moving forward.
A delegation is currently meeting with the Prefet along with representatives of the Collectivity. While the meeting takes place residents continue with their lockdown beginning from the Sandy Ground Bridge. Scores of Gendarmes entered Sandy Ground as they try to keep villagers calm.
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