EXCLUSIVE: Possible Candidate Ministers for the UD/SMCP coalition government.

candidates10042018~ Mercelina juggling between PM or MP as he wants to maintain job at SMMC.~

PHILIPSBURG:--- Leader of the United Democrats Theodore Heyliger is busy perusing names of several persons to take up positions as Ministers in the UD/ SMCP cabinet. While several persons were considered the UD double leader Heyliger and Wescot Williams already have a list of persons whose names will be submitted for vetting.
Luc Mercelina is one of the persons that are being considered for the Prime Minister position but if he is chosen it means Mercelina would have to give up his full-time job at the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) where is currently employed as a surgeon. It is understood that Mercelina who is quite eager to become the country’s 8th Prime Minister also wants to keep his job at SMMC since it will mean more monies in his pocket, should Mercelina turn down the PM offer then the current Interim Prime Minister Leona Marlin Romeo will remain in the position. Another decision this coalition government has to take is whether or not they will appoint Sharine Daniel as the Minister of Finance or if they will give that position to Perry Geerlings which would then pave the way for Tamara Leonard to take up the vacant seat in Parliament.
The other candidate Ministers are as follows:

• Prime Minister --- Leona Marlin- Romeo
• Minister of TEATT ---- Stuart Johnson
• Minister of VSA --- Emil Lee
• Minister of Education --- Wycliffe Smith
• Minister of Finance --- Perry Geerlings
• Minister of VROMI --- Miklos Gitterson
• Minister of Justice ---- Cornelius de Weever
• Minister of Plenipotentiary --- Joireen Wuite
• Deputy Minister of Plenipotentiary --- Hassani Ellis.
• President of Parliament --- Sarah Wescot Williams