The ascendancy of Christopher Emmanuel.

I am a civil servant. I asked that my name not be published with this letter. We all know how the world is especially in a small community. So it is better for me to not publish my name. I do not think that this would take away from what I have to say to the citizens of St.Maarten. I do not know when we ever had a politician speak so plain and passionate for his people. Christopher Emmanuel has really grown into a true voice of the people. He has gone from the bulldog of the National Alliance to a true leader who seems to know that this is his time. It does not matter how you feel or what you feel about the man. The man is for his people FIRST. He is not afraid. He is consistent. And he is not lying to us. He has not been wrong about anything he has warned us about. To me his ascendance is just on time as SXM needs people who just tell the truth. We do not need politicians with their smooth and fancy words that makes everything sound like a lie because you can change those words to fit your situation. He doesn't make us feel stupid or less than himself. You cannot change the words of Mr. Emmanuel. He is plain-spoken. What you see is what you get and with competence. He has clearly been doing his homework lately and we like that. He is saying what we are saying at the job every day. I am sure it is not just civil servants either. He is a politician in the opposition so we can expect some drama to his personality. This does not mean he is wrong or not right about the issues we care about. What would the Parliament be without Mr. Emmanuel being the only voice in there for us? Ok, some people might say there are others for us. But if they are they are invisible or mute and just running in a straight party-line as usual. SXM needs people with conviction and courage to say ok enough! This is what my people need and this is what we going to do. No long talk. Done. Thank you, Mr. Emmanuel. Keep up the fight!
Thank you for printing this note without my name.
God bless SXM!