What is Happening to the Sint Maarten Nature Foundation?

Dear Editor,

I have been a proud frequent visitor to the island for more than 30 years. I have seen the island’s nature change significantly in those 30 years, mostly with negative results. But over the past years, regardless of that development, I was always happy to see that there is an organization that looks after Nature on the Island.
That is why I was so disappointed that the ongoing sewage issue caused by a marina at my residence in the Simpson Bay Yacht Club was not addressed at all by the Nature Foundation. From what I have been told when the Nature Foundation inspector arrived he did so wearing a uniform from the same Marina that was causing the issue in the first place. I also learned that another staff member of the Nature Foundation works for another marine. This makes me wonder how effective the Nature Foundation can be in working for nature. Is it also true that the Nature Foundation inspectors agreed to sand dumping in Point Blanch?
Sint Maarten Nature is in danger and the only foundation I can see working for it is the Nature Foundation so that is why I am so concerned about the situation with the Nature Foundation. Please I urge the Nature Foundation not to allow Sint Maarten to be destroyed. We were not able to come to the island last year because of Covid and we have noticed in one year many bad changes to the nature of Sint Maarten and we are worried as, long time visitors. Please help save nature on Sint Maarten.

Mrs. Annetta T Pendarvis