Open Letter to MP Wycliffe Smith.

I doubted very long whether I would write this letter.
Let me begin by congratulating pastor Wycliff Smith with his upcoming executive position as Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (ECYS). I believe that a man with your experience can contribute a lot to policies in these fields, especially education. But reading all publications recently in the newpaper and on social media, I start to doubt whether you’ll be strong enough to stand your ground once in that chair. Pastor Wycliff Smith in public stated that he was not willing to form any government with criminals (suspected!), not under his watch and therefor he rejects to form with the USP of Frans Richardson. One can discuss such a stand, but one must admit that at least it’s clear.
MP Chanel Brownbill recently in Court got convicted on a tax evading criminal law suite to 18 months in prison of which 15 month suspended. Of course MP Chanel Brownbil appeals this verdict, which doesn’t make any difference that he is CONVICTED on a criminal charge of tax evading.
Now everyone turn to the pastor Wycliff Smith to hear what now? The pastor Wycliff Smith answers that ‘the law must have its course and that he is not willing or planning to break with the negotations to form a new government’.
Pastor Wycliff Smith now behaves as a Pharisee (read Matthew 6.5 and more). Again I always said that the pastor was walking in too large political Shoes and would make wrong political public statements. But he promised us time after time to be transparant in all decision making. So I will accept the pastor saying he wants to become Minister of ECYS, because he believes he can make a difference. And therefor willing to accept the support of a CONVICTED criminal in Parliament but rejects the support of a SUSPECTED criminal in Parliament. The Pharisee pastor Wycliff Smith even goes further by stating that he also believes that a fall of Government in these days is not desireable nor good for Sint Maarten. For your information Sir, NO GOVERNMENT ISN’T GOING TO FALL IF YOU HOLD YOUR STAND OF NOT FORM A GOVERNMENT WITH CRIMINALS. It only probably means that for your ptincipal you’ll have to give up on your personal ambition to become Minister of ECYS. We have a caretakers’government in place until a new government coalition is formed! It’s arrogant assuming that you not forming a government will mean a fall of government. Believe me, a new government at all time will be formed with or without you pastor Wycliff Smith.