Players Troupe has not yet been repaid by Mr. Gordon Yee.

As St. Maarten prepares for yet another Carnival,I would like to remind people, not to trust Mr. Yee this Carnival and for sponsors and potential sponsors of his Troupe to understand who he is and BE AWARE, he is very deceitful.

In February 2016, Players Troupe Anguilla contracted Mr. Gordon Yee, originally from Trinidad, but who have for several years lived and worked in St. Maarten, to make and ship carnival costumes to them in Anguilla, by 20th July 2016.

From February to July, Mr. Yee was paid money (in installments agreed upon) to purchase material and for labour of the costumes. the last payment to Mr. Yee was made on 22 July 2016.In total Mr. Yee received US$16,620.00 from Players Troupe.

Mr. Yee failed to deliver the costumes and is not responding favorably to the management of Players Troupe to compensate them for their lost.

Players Troupe is owned and managed by two young ladies, ages 27 and 31. The money that Mr. Yee stole from the troupe was earned by over five years of fundraisers and troupe participant registration fees.

After Mr. Yee failed to deliver the costumes, Players Troupe management incurred IMMEDIATE debt of over US$9,000.00; Public disgrace, and distrust; failed to meet obligations to sponsors and disappointed over two hundred troupe participants.

Players Troupe has signed documentations and electronic conversations as proof of the money transactions.

We would like for Mr. Yee to compensate us IMMEDIATELY, so that Players Troupe would be able to pay its outstanding debts from 2016 and take part in Anguilla Grand Parade of Troupe 2017.

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