Former Minister of Finance comes under fire for defrauding government of dues for long lease land.

“Careful Minister the situation with Ferrier has a semblance of corruption.”

PHILIPSBURG:--- Member of Parliament Rolando Brison raised eyebrows on the floor of Parliament when he exposed former Minister of Finance Michael Ferrier who on numerous occasions tried to defame his person and he even accused him of fraud while Ferrier was doing everything in his power to wipe government books clean for his own personal interest.
Brison question the Minister of VROMI Miklos Giterson who appeared in Parliament to answer questions about long lease land and the arrears owed to the government. Brison said that Ferrier threatened the Minister of VROMI who took a decision not to extend the long lease to SXM SHIPYARD NV. He said Ferrier threatened the Minister of VROMI (Miklos Giterson) telling him if he took away the parcel of land located in Simpson Bay  that the SHIPUAR is occupying that he Ferrier would go over the Minister's head. 

MP Claude Peterson also called on the Minister to take a stand against anyone who has not been paying their dues. Peterson said that business owners should not be favored even though he also believes that payment plans should be made.
MP Christopher Emmanuel said he supports the long lease policy especially since he gave out land to the people of St. Maarten while he was the Minister of VROMI. Emmanuel said had he been in office he would have given out more land because he believes the people of St. Maarten deserves a piece of land.
He asked the Minister to give the Parliament information regarding the Pasanggrahan Hotel that is standing on long lease and is also listed as a monument. Emmanuel said based on his understanding the Minister is busy trying to split the lot while disregarding the fact that the Pasanggrahan is a monument. Emmanuel also cautioned the Minister to make his own decisions in the interest of the country. “Minister you need to take decisions on your own, not your staff members taking decisions for you. Yes, you can take their advice but the decision rests on your shoulders.”

Emmanuel further states that Ferrier the former Minister of Finance who is part owner of SXM SHIPYARD NV owed the Government of St. Maarten over NAF.3M He said that Ferrier lease is up since 2018 and he is busy strong-arming the current Minister to extend his lease for a period of 12 years while Ferrier has been threatening to blackmail the Minister of VROMI. MP Iron Ardwell also shared the same sentiments of strong-arming the Minister of VROMI and the committee members that handle the renewal of long lease land. 
Emmanuel further said the current situation does have a semblance of corruption since Ferrier was a former Minister of Finance.  The NA MP also informed the Minister of his own personal situation that he Emmanuel faced while being in the office as Minister of  VROMI. There was a company that was operating illegally cleaning the lagoon and I had to take a decision which did not sit well with some people but I did anyway because I acted based on proper advice. Emmanuel further cautioned the Minister that he should not bend due to the threats and strong-arming since the situation with Ferrier and the SXM Shipyard NV is not good. "  Should you give in to the bullying then the very people who made up a file about me and deposited it at the Prosecutors Office will also do it to you I want you to know that the case of Ferrier and the Shipyard does have a semblance of corruption,” Emmanuel said.

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