Waste to Energy Researchers to visit island in the month of March.

My wife (and research assistant) and I are spending the week of March 6 on St. Martin and she came across some very interesting with regarding the possibility of a waste to energy plant for the island. I am the author of the WTE Guidebook for Latin America and the Caribbean (see Google for WTE Guidebook) and "world authority" on the economic and environmental benefits of WTE; for example, I received the 2016 Phoenix award of the Confederation of European WTE plants.

My wife and I have visited the Bermuda and Martinique WTE plants and many
others around the world. The population of St. Martin-Maarten is too small to provide feedstock to a net electricity producing plant but maybe there can be arrangements made with other islands.

If you think there is any interest on the island in my meeting with officials there and possibly presenting a public lecture on WTE vs LF, I would be glad to do it. Please feel free to forward this letter to other island press and anyone else who may be interested in my proposal.

It is my life's passion to phase out landfilling, especially on islands. According to our estimate, one square meter of land is lost forever to landfilling, for every ten tons of solid wastes landfilled, rather than sent to a WTE.
Regards, NJT
Nickolas J. Themelis, Director.